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16th August 2017


(spank me)

4:53pm: DOJ Demands Personal Information On Visitors to Anti-Trump Website
Soon no one will be able to speak out against (or disagree with) the government. THIS is the kind of fascism that the right-wing cuckservatives accused the liberal left of, and claimed to stand firm against. Yet here they are, condoning this abortion of freedom of speech. This is how dictatorships are run. This is the new Nazi America.

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4:34pm: Not even Richard Spencer believes that Trump actually condemned the alt-right. He said that only a dumb person would take Trump's statement seriously.

Richard Spencer, correct again.

It's horrible, isn't it, that a self-professed white supremacist is speaking more honestly than the majority of cuckservative republicans?

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2:10pm: We keep hearing that the angry, fist shaking white men of the far right are a result of the liberals who supposedly want to crush free speech. This, of course, as those very white males on the far right do all they can to try and crush free speech! But this rant isn't about the hypocrisy of the conservative right. Instead, I simply wish to point somehting out.

Certain leftist movements like BDS have indeed engaged in activity that can be seen as anti-free speech. And while I oppose them for this very reason, I must also admit that, in many cases, they are the creation of an even worse group. Those who refuse to admit the truth.

And what is the truth? Simply, that society is in a constant state of transformation, for better or worse, and every freedom, privilege and right we have can be taken away. Anyone who denies this is either a liar, or stupid.

Yet many do deny this. They laugh off any notion that certain freedoms can be taken away, and they use this denial of truth in order to try and discredit and silence anyone who might oppose their political ideologies. In this manner they justify why, for example, someone who holds fascist views should be voted into office - they simply deny that the candidate's views pose any real threat.

Again, those who carry on in this manner should never be taken seriously - as they are either intentionally lying, or they are immensely stupid, unwise and clearly haven't learned a damn thing from thousands of years of history.

THIS is precisely why some individuals take things to the opposite extreme, trying to crush fascism as soon as it rears it's ugly head - because they know that the idiot barbarians won't take it seriously until it's too late.

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11:58am: Nazis Are Taking Over America, Will They Make a Move for Israel Next?
What are humanitarian Jewish leftists supposed to do in a nation that values money over God, power over civility and selfish gain over empathy and mercy toward others? Well, we could ask ourselves WWJD, but then, that probably won't sit well. The irony is that these leftist Jewish men and women who care so much about humanity are actually more in line with what Jesus said than are the Christians who claim to support Him. The problem, of course, is that those who care about others are rarely, themselves, cared about. And being nice only leads to being stepped on.

Alas, it appears that the civilized, humanitarian leftist Jewish population might end up sharing the same fate as JC, as the greedy and wicked among right-wing Christians have yet again jumped into bed with the (few but present)  greedy and wicked right-wing Jews. (when in Rome) And together they have voted to take medical care from millions of men, women and children, to cut education to children all over America, to reduce aid (in some cases almost completely) to the poor, and that includes food, clothing and shelter, to get rid of any laws that were meant to protect the environment....and they demonize as terrorists all who oppose them. The worst of it, though, is coming from lying Christians who claim to worship JC but instead do the opposite - while they condemn those who actually follow His Word. The humanitarians among us have already believed is Word, even without understanding that it comes from Him. It's who they are inherently. While the right-wing war machine claims to worship him yet rejects His Word.

And the right-wing war machine has won. Bigly. And now, in addition, they have helped white supremacists take over America, literally. But hey, our economy is good, so A++!


OK, I no longer feel sympathy for Trump. None. He has now placed white supremacist nazis on the same moral level as those who stood up against them. Literally, white supremacists marched with torches, chanting that they will take their nation back, grunting and shouting battle cries - many were dressed in military gear - they had weapons and were ready for battle. WAR is what they wanted, literally, they were waging war on an entire community, baiting people into a response. And when that community responded, our lying whore of a squealing pig in the white house claimed that the violence was coming from both sides. So one side wages war, the other defends itself, and the issue is with BOTH sides?

So, I guess that would give truth to the claim by some of the more radical feminazis, that all men who go to war are violent and immoral - even the men who are simply put in a position of having to defend their community, their family, their freedom - yes - EVEN them, though they did not start or want the war - they are as guilty as the males who did start the war - because they DEFENDED themselves!

But then, I've been saying this for years - the barbarians will bait and antagonize for a response, eventually waging a literal war on others, and as soon as their target responds, the TARGET is blamed for the entire thing. Or at least placed n the same level as the actual warmongers.

Now, many on the alt-right are intelligent. Not all, but many - they are savages for sure, but hardly stupid. Our elected president is their shill, their puppet, their dummy - he's a moron without even the most basic ability for logic and reason - and as dishonest as any barbarian can be. He is a spiteful manchild who lies compulsively, throws tantrums when he is called on his actions, and has proven to be too stupid to even be capable of staying above water when dealing with government officials from other nations. No, he is NOT in control. The white supremacists are.

This is why he was elected - it's easy for the white supremacists to use him for their own purpose.

As for Israel and the Jewish people. Those of you who voted for and supported Trump - I know there are very few of you, but though small in number you succeeded. You make up a TINY portion of the Jewish population, as most Jewish men and women, being decent human beings, denounced Trump - but you won nonetheless. And you will soon be kicked in the face by your own shoe as it boomerangs back to you. Trump was nasty from the start....to OTHER people. And you didn't care because it was only being done to others.

Now we have Nazis who have made it clear that they want to take back America, to rule over all other races....and all that implies....oh, yeah....they hate Jews. And we can't stop them. We can't stop them because if we try to, YOUR elected president blames us for CAUSING the violence. Literally, if we try to stop the Nazis from taking over, we are blamed for their very existence.

And if we do nothing, and simply stand by watching it happen, the nazis will evetually take over. We're damned either way. Are you fucking satisfied? Will you keep lying to yourself so that you can justify what you have done?

Ya know, rational people are getting sick of having to save stupid  people from themselves. We warned you this would happen. You called us freedom hating liberals, you played the victim, claiming that you were being "persecuted" for your vote. Now, as the nation burns, we won't be able to save you from the beast that YOU created. We can't even save ourselves.

Will you care when Trump and his white supremacist masters begin to dish out the same treatment to Israel as he is doing to the anti-nazis in America? You know, the white supremacists who supported him, who he now owes his presidency to, hate the Jews and Israel. When they begin waging war on YOU, and you fight back, only to be blamed for the war because YOU FOUGHT BACK......will you FUCKING care then? When you end up with Nazis marching with torches on the streets of Jerusalem, chanting against you, making clear their intentions for war, and YOU CAN'T FIGHT BACK, because the new "leader" of the free world demands you remain silent as the Nazis take over your land......or then blames YOU for everything if you refuse to sit back and allow this to happen......even though he "claims" that he doesn't support terror. Will you FUCKING care then? Because that is exactly what is happening in America.

 "Waaaah waaaah waaaaaah someone YELLED at me because I voted for Tump and......."


You helped rip America away from millions of American citizens and handed it over to Nazis. You voted for someone you knew was stupid and cruel, but you didn't care because he kissed your ass and you hoped he would support Israel, even if he ruins America. Some of you even sympathized with the right wing fascists, while metaphorically spitting in the face of every other American citizen! Well, now he's ruined America and the right-wing fascists are taking over. What is the rest of America supposed to do when the Nazis regain full control?

You just screwed us all. Yourself included.

An apology would be nice. 

(spank me)

15th August 2017

12:56pm: Alt-Right Condemns Jews, Embraces Worst Among Them
There are good and wicked among all groups of people. EVERY group has its demons; barbarians are not limited to the white race. The Jewish people are no exception.

White supremacists have a history of both condemning the Jewish people as the epitome of evil on earth, while at the same time propping up and almost worshipping the worst among them.

Here's how that works.

In order for a Jewish man/woman to support the alt-right, he would have to be one of the worst creatures alive - deceiftul to the point of self-deception, manipulative, boorish and controlling if he intends to try and sway other opinions to his own......he must be the worst of the worst, with little regard for the suffering of others, having learned nothing from the history of his own people and too selfish to give a damn. Or - a money grubbing gold digger who understands that the money is on the far right, and if he wants part of it, he must appease them. Even if doing so means throwing everyone else under the bus.

That said, because initially he will appease them, telling them exactly what they want to hear, they accept him into their group. However, after a while they begin to see through his facade. The irony of white supremacists is that, when they see their own behavior in others who are not of them, they despise it. And in such a Jew, not only do the white supremacists see their own behavior, but they are also forced to confront his dishonesty, his mean spiritedness and eventually they are made to feel the full thrust of his malicious intent. A truly depraved individual can never hide his depravity for very long. Eventually it will begin to show, to impact negatively even those whose favor he is trying to win. It is at this point that the white supremacists realize they made a mistake - and so they kick him to the curb, all the while complaining about how evil, manipulative and deceitful Jews are. Jews - as a whole. Of course they don't understand that the majority of Jewish people are decent, civilized human beings who would never intentionally harm anyone. They don't see this because they don't want to. They hate the civilized Jews even more, because those Jews don't appease them. It's a damned either way stuation for the Jewish people. Sadly, these same white supremacists treat women in the exact same manner.

And so we end up with torch weilding white males marching down a city street, chanting, "Jew will not replace us."


And also pathetic.

These white supremacists claim that the Jewish people are trying to destroy the white race, silence free speech and control the world through the legal system, the media and their supposed pact with Satan. Yet these same white supremacists have supported Jews who actually DO try to silence free speech, control the world through the legal system, the media....satan?

The typical behavior from the chatlatan is a perfect example. He demands his own free speech while doing all he can to silence opposition in any manner he can. He always has some reason that the person (or people) opposing him should not have said anything. And if his tarrgets continue to speak up, he brings down the full fury of hell onto them, making them pay in one form or another for daring to oppose him. He is literally the epitome of everything white supremacits hate when it comes to Jews, yet they accepted him for a loooooooong ass time.

Well, they're paying for it now.

As I've spoken about in the past, there are people who do attempt to bring about a self-fulfilled prophesy, so to speak. They accuse someone of something and then do everything they can to try and bring about, in their target, whatever they accused said target of. They do this on a psychological level, baiting, terrorizing and antagonzing their target into a response, only to use that response to condemn their target.  This, however, is NOT what I'm about to explain, as there is a new form of manipulation that plays on the "victim" mentality of "You made me." And by doing so, it is a spit in the face to the real victims of these sick animals who literally try to force the hand of their target by intentionally inciting a certain reaction.

A new form of manupilation, created by a Jewish man who was originally accepted by the alt-right, goes something like this:

The attacker says or does something immensely abusive. Moving forward, he constantly accuses others of abusive behavior, blaming such on entire groups of people while claiming innocence for him and his own. Now, this is common among many, but he takes it further. When honest people call him a hypocrite, and claim that he is the most abusive of all, he denies such, and then demands that they explain to him just HOW he is abusive, what exactly he did or said that they consider abusive. Now, there's nothing wrong with demanding an explanation, that's to be expected. But here's the catch.......keep reading......

He has also been known to blame abuse victims for their own abuse, simply because they SPOKE OUT ABOUT IT! The logic goes something like,

"If they hadn't said anything, it wouldn't have happened." or "They keep bringing attention to it and that's why it's still an issue."

Understand what I'm saying. He's trying to silence any and all opposition by blaming said opposition for the very thing they're opposing - simply because they opposed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So for example you have a group of people who heil Hitler, support the idea of white supremacy and blame Jews for all the problems in the world. Many even call themselves Nazis. They are not hiding their intent, they are self-professed white supremacists and HAVE ALWAYS BEEN! Yet, the attacker, in their defense, will blame their supremacist, Nazi-like behaviors on the fact that people kept calling them supremacists and Nazis. This is a deceitful reversal of the order of events. The truth is that people called them Nazis because they ARE Nazis - and many have even admitted it.

But the attacker uses with them the same logic that he does in regard to himself - that being,

"If you say I am, then I am. I'm sick of you calling me this 'thing,' and therefore I will intentionally do whatever I can to prove to you that I am exactly what you called me."

And so he blames for his own bigoted behavior those who called him on his bigoted behavior. Or he will blame the people who dare to speak out about a certain thing-  as being the cause of that thing - claiming that because they brought attention to it, they created it. This is a lie, since it existed all along with or without opposition, and those who espoused it had no problem drawing attention to it or to themselves.

So now, when the attacker demands to know what he did that was so abusive, you must point out what did, referring to comments, videos, essays - whatever he said or did, you must dredge up, bring attention to in order to prove your point. But by doing so, you allow him to put you in the above situation, as he can then claim that this is all your fault because you keep talking about it, bringing attention to it.

And now you've fallen right into his trap.

The only thing you can do to avoid this accusation is to refrain from calling him on his own abuse, as he continues to condemn others for abuse while he, personally, plays the innocent victim.

You're damned either way. And I'm talking about a Jewish (physically, not religiously) man here. One who was accepted by the alt-right before finally being kicked to the curb.

I don't feel bad for them - the alt-right, that is. I haven't an ounce of pity for them. They tolerate absolutely monstrous behavior from people, so long as those people prove beneficial to the white supremacist cause. But as soon as it becomes evident that these monsters they have accepted might actually hurt their cause, they are suddenly opposed to what they now call shameful, deceitful and manipulative behavior. Hypocrites.

Truth is, though, that (genetically) Jewish men like the charlatan (religious or not) who constantly attack liberals for their values might actually drive more liberals to the far right. It sounds absurd, I know. But even as he acted as a mouthpiece for the far right and himself still espouses right-wing values (and is helping to destroy the white race by supporting the worst among it) the people he is attacking are predominantly white. We must remember that. And he, having Jewish ancestry, has done more to prove correct the stereotypes against Jews than any white supremacist ever could. Even though he is a tiny minority among Jews, as most Jewish people are honest humanitarians, he is louder, meaner and far more apt at drawing attention to himself. He overshadows the majority of civilized Jewish men and women - he becomes the mouthpiece for the whole group even though he speaks for only a handful.

Based on that, I don't think it's unreasonable to entertain the possibility that, in the future, many current liberals will be willing to give up every last bit of freedom they have, in an alt-right controlled white supremacist America, just to break free from the restraints being placed on them by certain right-wing, cuckservative Jewish men.

Might America one day heil President Richard Spencer?

I certainly hope not.


(spank me)

8:55am: Right-wing conservatives remain relatively silent when white supremacists vandalize Jewish or Islamic buildings, cemeteries and so on. Yet as soon as the favor is returned, and leftists begin targeting confederate monuments, the outcry against liberals and non-whites is deafening. As always, the hypocrisy from the right-wing republicans is impossible to ignore.

In this case, if the attacker was white, while republicans might stand against the act committed, they will refrain from mentioning that the attack was on a Jewish organization, committed by a white supremacist. They will simply state that "acts of hatred are wrong," without mentioning who the attacker was. The only time they point out the physical characteristics of the attacker is when that person is female or non-white. Thus adding to the illusion that white males commit fewer crimes, which is false.

If, on the other hand, the attacker ends up being black, his race will be pointed out - over and over and over again.

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14th August 2017

2:58pm: I just bought The Devil's Bargain, by Joshua Green. Should be an interesting read.

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2:21pm: The Absurdity of White Supremacists

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(spank me)

Both the Romans and the Hebrews understood that the barbarians could not be trusted with maintaining civilization. Nor could they be trusted with documents of scienfitic and/or religious importance. Th reason, of course, is that the barbarians latch onto tiny parts of what they read, picking and choosing content in order to prove their own viewpoint, ignoring or even denying the intended point of the author.

And that's only the beginnin. After this, they rewrite, in their own words, the documents that they had initially read. Of course, they distort everything, twisting whatever they can into knots in order to prove their own point, and always at the expense of the truth. Moving forward, they then document their findings as fact when in reality they have ignored facts in order to come to their conclusions.

This, then, replaces the works of the former, replacing truth with falsehood, fact with fiction. They distort and destroy everything they get their grubby hands on. They can't be trusted as the historians of society, as history will then be remembered falsely, and they can't be trusted to translate (or explain) the writing of others, as they will always distort the work for their own purpose. They will even label religious dogmas science while arguing against real science. The worst of this came from Hitler - consider what he did with the scientific documents put together by Jews of his time. He took the documents, handed such over to his own barbarian scientists, and what we ended up with was something, quite frankly, out of Frankenstein. This always happens. And they're no better today. This is just another reason that words matter - we MUST be careful and mind we say around the barbarians.

"We don't even have the freedom to discuss differences in abilities between different groups of people! It's facsism!"

Very true. But what this victim playing, right-wing mangina bitch has failed to mention is that, while he (as a white male barbarian from gaul) can make all sorts of claims about his own superiority, others can't do the same without expecting SERIOUS backlash. So not too long ago a female teacher was fired for claiming that sometims white men don't understand the difficulties that others go through. Really, that's all her comments amount to, nothing so serious that it should have gotten her fired, yet she was fired and the "freedom fighters" said and did NOTHING! Honestly, did any of us expect them to defend HER freedom? hah No. Yet a white man whose ancestry is from gaul (barbarian) decides to condemn an entire group of people, writing an entire essay about how inferior they are, coming to all the wrong conclusions as to why (did we expect a simple minded barbarian to come to honest conclusions) and then, when he gets fired, he throws a tantrum, takes his case to the masses and becomes and instant hero to the white male barbarians who falsely claim victimhood for being held accountable for their actions - if they ever are. In reality, in most cases they are not.


If it fails to come to honest and accurate conclusions based on facts, it is less than human. But we can't say this without having them play the victim and scream "white genocide" or worse.

What they do is categorize an entire group of people as being less qualified, inferior....without actually sayng the word inferior but leading to this conclusion....they then heap bucket loads of labels and stereotypes onto said group. This ends up having a negative effect on members of said group, as other barbarians begin treating them as if they fit the stereotypes, without even knowing them personally. They also intentionally discriminate against certain groups, giving them less freedom, fewer privileges and lower pay - and this comes with more trouble than just financial, as the people who are being discriminated against are then blamed for it. Accusations are made about their ability to do the job, their mental stability, their emotional stability and so on. So now, not only do the targets have to worry about white males discriminating aganst them, but ALSO, if a white male decides to do such, the target must worry about all of the excuses he will give to justify doing it. Which means he will not only pay you less for doing the same job as another, but also heap loads of character attacks onto you as well, in order to justify himself. Just great. This spirals out of control, as people in the group are not only treated with hostility, but also falsely blamed for anything that goes wrong. If they make a mistake it is taken as proof that they're not as capable, while the same mistake, if made by others, would be ignored. They will not get a fair hearing, they will not be taken seriously. They will be spoken down to and dismissed. Of COURSE they are going to have more anxiety in a situation like that! Literally, we have mindless barbarians who CREATE a hostile environment for an entire group of people, and then use the rightful anxiety among said group of people to prove their inferiority, or that they're somehow, because of this, less qualified. THAT then becomes the standard of qualification, while all of the traits among said barbarians that render THEM completely UNQUALIFIED are ignored or excused.

And THIS is what led to the comment above. If they are incapable of understanding even their own mind, but instead can so easily lie even to THEMSELVES in order to justify themselves, they should not be allowed among civilized humans.

The real issue here for James and his mangina supporters isn't about women being given jobs they aren't qualified for. It's about whiny, bitchy, insecure little white manginas (not ALL whites, I'm speaking of the barbarians among them) complaining because they're no longer in 100% control of the world, and they are no longer treated as if they are mandatory for society to continue - because they AREN'T. In fact, in many ways they are a hindrance to the progress of humanity, as they continue to attack and even kill off those who are intellectually superior.

Scientific fact - asians (and in many cases ashkenazi Jews) are, on average, more intelligent than pink /whites. This has been shown on both academic tests as well as IQ tests. This is a fact. Deal with it. Or just scream white genocide as you demand a job that you're less qualified for than your Asian co-worker. Or, do as the Nazis did and try to eradicate those who are superior to you so that you can claim superiority by simply being the last man standing.

If you want jobs to go to those who are best qualified, complaining about women in the workforce is redundant - you should be comaplining that there are more whites chosen for jobs than asians, given that asians are (usually) HIGHLY superior and thus far more qualified. Also, white males tend to be more violent than asian males. In fact, white males have shown to be some of the most violent (and sadistic) of all groups among humans, grinning calmly as they order the torture and execution of their enemy. Maybe we should rethink givng them those prominent jobs, especially those that come with authority and power.

I mean, if you REALLY want to ged rid of PC culture and identity politics, and you HONESTLY want the best possible candidates to be given jobs......you'd have to agree that asians would make up the brunt of the workforce.

So to James and his supporters.......you want to discuss the problem with diversity? So the FUCK do I. Sadly, you don't really want to have this conversation, as you will most likely fall back on "white genocide" or "man hatred" or "zionist shill" as soon as your OWN proven genetic shortcomings are brought up. This, above all else, showing that you are a hypocrite, as always, and simply want to keep your own in power, even if that means having a less capable, less productive society.

Note: This is NOT about the entire white race, but instead a subgroup among the white race that is of the barbarian seed and can only ever destroy. They have a natural tendency toward destruction and will seek out group after group to attack, while demanding that their own flaws be ignored. And if these hypocritical little animals really wanted freedom to discuss differences in physical nature, and to question whether diversity is a good thing, then we must also be able to discuss their OWN nature - and to do so without being labeled anti-christian, anti-white, anti-male zionosts. We don't need any more of these tantrums coming from the right-wing, victim playing whites whenever someone says ANYTHING negative about them or their behavior, as they demand their right to condemn everyone else, further playing the victim if they feel like they haven't been allowed to fully express their OWN viwes. Enough is enough.

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13th August 2017

4:31pm: Don't hate me for saying this.

I'm starting to feel slightly bad for Trump. Understand, he's nothing more than a puppet, a mouthpeice. That said, he can't speak out against the people who voted for him. This is why he won't come out and specifically say that "white supremacists" were responsible for the incident in Virginia.

Maybe now he's beginning to understand just what he got himself into. The floodgate he swung open can't be shut. Now what does he do? What can he do?

To be fair, he DID speak out against the hatred, the violence. He didn't condone the actions of the terrorists, yet by failing to mention that the violence and terror was coming from white supremacists, and that the guy who ran his car into the crowd of counter-protesters was with the far right, he gives more power to the liars who wish to deceive us into believing that the violence, ALL of it, is on the far left. In fact there have already been fake news reports popping up, claiming that the murderer was a liberal democrat who hated white people.

This is a major tactic used by white supremacists to justify their war on other races - they use the false notion that whites are less violent and thus more civilized. In reality, they simply cover up crimes committed by whites - or cover up the identity of the criminal if he's white, while still dencouncing the crime. We have seen this not only from Trump but many republicans defending him. They continue to claim to be against the "horrible terror attack," which we are ALL against, yet they refuse to mention that the attack was committed by white supremacists. And as they do this, they harp on and pound into our collective hive-mind all of the crimes committed against whites by non-whites, thus making it appear as if non-whites commit more crimes - and from there, the self-professed white supremacists justify their right to crush other races and take full control. Fully aided by average white republicans.

THIS is why it is important for Trump to come out and STATE that the white supremacists were to blame, that THEY committed an act of terror, and that the murderer was of them, and NOT from the liberal left. 

(spank me)

2:00pm: Driver in Car Attack held Nazi Beliefs
James Alex Fields is the driver who ran into a crowd of people protesting aginast white supremacists in Charlottesville, VA. He was shown bearing the symbol of Vanguard America, whose belief system states, "A government based in the natural law must not cater to the notion of equality." They of course want a white America, as they believe themselves to be superior, and thus it is natural for them to rule.

They also seem to think that America "needs a new Caesar," and that it's their job to provide such. This, of course, is reminiscent of the barbarians who destroyed ancient Rome - dragging the world into the dark ages.

OK, so it's a little different. While the ancient Romans were mediterranean, they were eventually conquered by germanic barbarians who took the name of "Roman" but were too savage and stupid to maintain the progressive empire - and so the world fell into the dark ages.

America, on the other hand, was conquered by white Europeans (good and wicked) and eventually infested with the seed of the barbarians among them, who were neither intelligent nor wise, but instead proved to be stupid, witless and savage, placing "natural instinct" above all else and using that to justify enslaving, murdering and raping the natives of the land, as well as turning their own women into domestic slaves/breeding machines. They are of the barbarian seed that destroyed Rome, and America, under their control, was a living nightmare for everyone unfortunate enough to be stuck on this soil. If left to their own devices, there would be no real education, no modern medicine, no scientific advancement, as we can see, they've only been in FULL power again for a short time yet they've literally gotten rid of fact based, scientific education and replaced it with religious dogma. They've even voted away medical care for their own women! Survival instinct? Not much, no.

They understand only one thing - animal instinct - and by this measure humanity can NOT progress. These barbarians will destroy the progress made by civilized Americans, just as their ancestors destroyed Rome. The difference is that, in this case, they destroy their own nation, while their ancestors took over and destroyed a nation that wasn't theirs.

No, they will never be Rome. They can call themselves whatever they want, but they do so only in name. If everyone but these white supremacists were to leave America, in a matter of 50 years America would look like a backwards, third world shit hole compared to the rest of the progressive, scientifically advanced first world nations.

But I digress.....

Though Fields was shown with the Vanguard symbol, Vanguard America spoke out regarding this issue, claiming that he is not a member of their group.

Finally, he was discovered to be a registered republican, yet fake news outlets are blaming the liberals, claiming that he was a far leftist. As always - the lies continue.

(spank me)

12:26pm: The cuckservatives (and sadly some on the alt-right as well) constantly attack their opponents with ad hominem arguments to avoid dealing with the facts. So they'll use labels like zionist, feminist, sjw and so on, dishing said labels out to anyone who might disagree with them on any level, even if those people have NOTHING to do with said labels! So someone who is against Hitler gets called a zionist, even if he/she does NOT defend the State of Israel! What these manipulators do is take labels that are viewed as negative, and then hand these lales out to anyone who disagrees - thereby adding SO many more new characteristics to said label that EVERYONE will fall under such!

This is different than what is happening with the far right. Those on the far right heil and support Hitler - literally - while also supporting the notion that the Jews are evil, as well as the idea that the white race is superior and thus entitled to rule over all. THIS is ALL Nazi prooaganda, these are ALL Nazi beliefs! We give the title of Nazi to those who hold Nazi beliefs, while the Nazis (and cuckservatives) dish out labels viewed as negative to ANYONE who disagrees with them, regardless of that persn's actual belief.

We gave the title fo 'Nazi" to people to support Hitler, blame the Jews for all the world's problems and believe the white race is superior and should rule. You know, people who hold Nazi values, we called Nazis! In fact, many of them beat us to it, as they were self-professed nazis!

Yet apparently WE are to blame for their Nazi ideologies - wait for it......because we called them Nazis AFTER they expressed their Nazi ideologies.


In that case, it's your fault that I'm fat. Because you called me fat. And that's why I'm fat. Fuck you for making me fat!

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11:54am: Anti-manhood Cuckservatives Destroy Image of White Men
White men MUST stand up and speak, for the sake of their own people, if their people are to survive. Obviously, there are plenty of civilized, caring, intelligent white men in this nation. Sadly, they are being overtaken by the savages. If this continues for long enough, the white race as a whole (at least in America) will be dragged down to the gutter and may never climb its way out. The stunt we saw yesterday from the alt-right, while terrible, is NOT the worst of it. Trust me. The worst is actually coming from the cuckservative republicans. The deceivers. While I don't defend the alt-right, in fact I find them loathsome, their willingness to come out and admit their true intent makes them less destructive (and thus more tolerable) than the typical republican conservative, who lies and manipulates his way to the exact same outcome - though refuses to admit his true intent.

I knew that the lying, witless, manchild, cuckservative barbarians would end up blaming the liberal left for the violence on the far right. I fucking knew it! It didn't even take ONE DAY!

So all along we had people like David Duke scapegoating the Jews for everything wrong with the world. Unfortunatley there are plenty of people who follow and support him. So, HONEST people tell it like it is - they call him and his follwers nazis. And of COURSE we can now expect the infantile, manchild snowflake cuckservatives to blame the liberal left for the nazi-like behavior of the far right - for the mere act of POINTING IT OUT!

"Fine, if you say I am, then i am."

GROW the fuck up! Remember, these are the people who speak out FOR free speech, their own, that is. These are the hypocrites who use the excuse "JUST WORDS" when their targets react badly to something they say, calling their targets snowflakes, SJWs and so on. Yet now, when they have yet ANOTHER chance to take the blame off white males for THEIR OWN FUCKING BEHAVIOR, suddenly it becomes acceptable to blame someone else for something negative said....to a whiny, victim playing, easily baited, even more easily influenced and worked up....white mangina. Well FUCK US ALL, since they want to rule the world!

And now they do.

As I said, we will NEVER have freedom (to even live in peace) as long as the barbarians among us have ANY power whatsoever. They will continue to create chaos, conflict, wars....and either way they will blame the very people that they've waged war on - either for not doing enough to stop them (you let me):

"We won, you lost, we're better and therefore deserve to rule. It isn't our fault you were too weak to stop us!"

OR because we TRIED to stop them:

"WAAAAAAH you called us something that offended us, so I guess we'll prove you right." And this, even though they ALREADY proved us right, as they were the thing we called them BEFORE we called them on it!

There's no way to win here. We're damned if we do and damned if we don't. If we remain silent and allow them to continue, eventually they conquer and destroy all - because we let them. And if we speak up to try and stop them, they do the same - BECAUSE we spoke up.

These whiny, victim playing mangina bitches will continue to attack everyone around them - and then blame everyone else - they are incapable of taking responsibility for their actions and therefore should have NO right to rule over others. And if you think I'm talking about the alt-right, you are mistaken. Most of the cuckservative republicans share the same (or similar) views as the alt-right, they simply refuse to come out and admit it. They'd rather let the "other side" take the heat. And THEY are the ones who constantly bitch and moan and whine because they got a negative response to their negative comment, all the white defending their own negative comment.

And to the women who are excusing the behavior of these little savages, you are NOT helping the situation by making excuses for them, all you're doing is adding to the the downfall of white manhood in America as you support the worst possible beta bitch males in their constant victim playing, as well as their refusal to take ANY responsibility for their actions. YOU are part of the problem and should be held as accountable as the beta males you defend. You are literally helping to DESTROY manhood among the white race as you continue to appease and excuse the worst possible beasts among us.

Folks, if the white race is to be saved, the TRUTH must be told. We can't have to hold back out of fear that some mangina will be offended and then act out because of it!!!!! THIS is the very thing that these same hypocritical manginas fought AGINST! The God forsaken PC culture where everyone has to hold back out of fear of offending others! Now they DEMAND that very thing!

Of course, it wasn't the alt-right (as far as I understand) that blamed their own nazi-like behavior on the people who called them nazis. In fact, most have for years now proudly admitted to being nazis, or something similar. Even David Duke came out and told the truth about their intent when voting for Trump. Moreover, many on the alt-right became enraged when other people tried to downplay their supremacist motives! The charlatan, for example, denied that the alt-right was a white-supremacist movement, and the alt-right outsted him, claiming that he was a zionist jew who was trying to take over the alt-right and steer it in a different direction. You see, they have ALWAYS admitted to being a white supremacist movement. They did not become a white supremacist movement because we called them one. We called them a white supremacist movement because that is what they have always been! As terrible as they are, their willingness to come out and ADMIT what they are, and their true intent, is a refreshing change from what we're used to from the typical conservative republican.

Instead, the worst of the victim playing is coming from the CUCKservative republicans, as always, whining and bitching because someone offended them, as they demand their own right to offend. These hypocritical, manginas are intent on feminizing all men in America, by ridding America of real men and replacing them with whiny, bitchy, victim playing MANGINAS who take a swing at others and then play the victim when their target swings back. BITCHES! Or blaming the poor bevavior of certain white males on everyone BUT those white males. So, they attack someone, you condmen them for attacking, and then they play the victim, claiming that the only reason they attacked is because you blamed them for attacking and it hurt their feelings.

Oh, FUCK OFF! This is teaching white men to be pathetic, whiny, bitchy, victim playing little cunts who take a swing and then cry when their target swings back, or to avoid any and all responsibility for their actions. And this starts in childhood.

Little Timmy throws a rock at another child's head. The child then throws a rock back. Timmy complains to his mother about how unfair he was just treated. Timmy's mother, who saw the entire thing,  grabs "poor Timmy" and scoops him up into her arms, as she laments over how cruel the other child was to him, and how hurt he must be, and......ooooh pooooor little TIMMY!

Or in our situation - when you demand your right to rule over another group, and do everything in your power to crush that group, you should expect the vast majority of people IN that group to fight back - for their freedom and their lives. COMMON SENSE! Don't be another Timmy.

I mean, just fucking imagine if one of us pulled this shit!

"It's your fault that I'm fat, because you called me fat, and THAT'S why I got fat!"

I mean, can you fucking IMAGINE the backlash if someone said that to one of these so-called "freedom to offend" hypocrites?????


* Take responsibility for their actions

* Don't use scapegoats to take the blame off themselves for their own actions

* Understand that if they attack they will be attacked back - and don't play the victim if the person they attack responds with an attack

* Try to resolve issues in as fair and civilized a way as possible

* Are upfront and honest, and try to avoid (or resolve)  issues instead of baiting and antagonizing others into a fued

* Want all of their own (tribe) to be as strong as possible (physically and intellectually) and don't try to knock others down so that they can stand above them, are not intimidated by others who are also strong but see such as possible allies - obviously want their women, as mothers of their children, to be as fit, capable and intelligent as possible

* Don't demand their own right to offend, and then turn around and whine like bitches when someone says something offensive to THEM - especially when it's true

*Are honst, fair and reasonable, have good judgment and are capable of coming to accurate conclusions based on the facts, even if doing so goes against their own personal likes/dislikes - meaning - they have control over their own mind

* Are not easily baited by deceivers {;o)

Anyone who suggests the opposite is ANTI-MANHOOD, anti-white and anti-America, as the beta bitch males will destroy all three.

The women who excuse away destructive behavior on the grounds that "boys will be boys" clearly HATE men. Obviously, they think so little of men that they assume said destructive behavior is simply a natural and normal part of maleness. The irony is that these are usually the women who claim to be anti-feminist, yet their beliefs show an absolute hatred of men, even though they claim to defend them. 

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12th August 2017

5:53pm: UPDATED
"Whites should have the right to love their race and culture without having to face violence for it!" - white supremacist

Yes, they should! The problem is when they decide that they are SUPERIOR to everyone else and therefore should have the right to rule over others. This is not complicated! But the barbarins among the white race are LOOKING for a war, and this is why they mix in their right to conquer, and to rule over others, when they discuss white pride. In this manner, they insure that they will get a negative response, which they falsely label "anti-white" propaganda. This is a lie, since the negative response is against their demand for rulership over others, NOT over their right to honor their heritage and culture. Further, if the white supremacists act in a violent way towards others, they will get a violent response. Again, NOT complicated.

When they march with torches, grunting and shouting in battle cry, they are clearly LOOKING for a battle. Then they play the victim when they get exactly what they want.

Sadly, what they want is a race war and they will instigate, antagonize and provoke until they get their way. It's not even a threat to tell them that they're going to bring a war to their own people, because it's exactly what they want. They see their right to absolute power fading, and they'd rather watch this nation burn to the ground than to allow anyone else to have freedom from their dominance IN this nation. What they don't understand is that, when this nation goes down, they go with it.

I support their right to protest even though I don't agree with them. - cuckservative

I also support their right to protest, but this wasn't a protest, they were inciting violence by marching with lit torches, shouting battle cries and going on about how they intend to take their nation back - we know what that means.

Tell me, would you be so soft on a group of blacks who did the same thing, hundreds marching with lit torches, shouting about how they will take this nation back? No, you stupid little cockucked bitch - you would be screaming about "white genocide" and calling it an attack on the white race! Th reason you don't mind this from whites is because, deep down, you do agree with them - you're just too much of a fucking coward to admit it. 

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3:59pm: White Supremacists Hold Protests, Counter-Protesters Mowed Down by Car
Truthfully, this shenanigan from white supermacists looks more like a lynch mob than a protest - and I believe it was an attempt to both intimidate and challenge. Sadly, a car ran into a group of counter-protesters.

Also, the chant "Blood and Soil" is a spinoff of a chant from a popular video game. It appears that some in this nation are not mature/evolved enough to be able to handle entertainment (in ANY form) that might be a little violent, as they are so easily influenced that they begin to act out "the game" in real life. Normal, mentally healthy individuals are able to understand the difference between fact and fiction, fantasy and reality, and thus have no problem when they're exposed to violent content. Indeed, normal individuals should be allowed access to whatever form of entertainment they desire, while unstable "animals in human flesh" should have such things limited, as they clearly can't handle it.

Keep in mind, I'm not condemning video games or gamers in general. In fact, if you'll excuse me, Middle-earth awaits.

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"Let's find out who they are and ruin their lives." - cuckservative  commenter.

As always, the hypocritical right-wing animals try to silence free speech by intimidating (terrorizing) those they disagree with, as they demand their own free speech and play the victim of the liberal left.

Sadly, the law protects those who try to destroy the lives of others. These savages are literally trying to destroy the lives of those they disagree with.

Soon, there will be a complete breakdown in the law, in civilization, as these savage animals drive people to the breaking point, and sane people begin to go insane.

And where are the conservative "ANTI-DOXING" people now? Ah, those filthy, vile, sickening, LYING hypocrites are silent - as they always are when one of "their own" commits the very act that they claim to be against.

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3:06pm: Barbarians can't form their own throughts, all they can do is repeat what they hear. Sadly, since they rarely undersand what is being said, they distort the original meaning when they regurgitate it back to others. Worse still, they have a nasty habit of accusing other people of their OWN behaviors - actions that others have called them on, projecting such right back to the person who tried to reason with them. "No, YOU are."

A typical argument (and they LOVE to start arguments because they LOVE conflict) will first consist of the barbarian repeating intelligent sounding words, though he/she doesn't truly understand the meaning of said words, or how to implement the ideas behind those words in a real word setting. The obvious next step is to come to a false conclusion about the issue at hand. After that comes the projection - claiming that his opponent is the one with false ideas, when in reality the opponent was correct. And finally he must use whatever ad hominem comes to mind.

"In hindsight, we should have worked together as a collective whole in order to implement a proper solution to this very serious issue. Obviously, the correct solution would have been to defecate in our pants, and then throw our feces at the enemy. Only a filthy, unclean SJW would disagree. Why are all SJWs so dirty?" 

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11th August 2017

6:54am: Animals in Human Flesh
Mentally ill, depraved on soul level - animals in human flesh. They bait for a response only to then complain about getting a response. It is their primal drive to force themselves on others, either in a small setting or on a grand, worldwide scale. We can see this happen in small groups, the very beginning of this behavior - that seed of destruction is part of them, and as it grows bigger they will try to satisfy that primitive desire in any manner they can. This gets worse and worse as they are allowed to continue. There is no limit to the sick and vile depths they will stoop to if allowed. And every step of the way they demand that the rest of us shut up and stop complaining, because it supposedly isn't so bad. They do this as it progressively gets worse. Either way they'll take it as far as they can, their goal will not change. And when they get there, and fully destroy their target, the blame will be put on their target. Either for not doing enough to try and stop them (you let them) or because their target actually tried to stop them, and therefore caused this entire mess - simply by trying to STOP it. Either way the sick, stupid and savage barbarian will have its way and then blame its victims for their own demise.

So we end up with the baiters, who attack verbally and on a psychological level, they even hunt their target down in real life, following said person (or group- of people) around in the real world, filming every step of the way - a camera shoved in the person's face - setting off (intentionally) a "fight or flight" response, triggering the instinct of their target to defend him/herself. Especially since no one really knows how far these savage and stupid animals will go. They are prone to violent attack, illegally if need be, but will take things as far as they can legally, using only their "freedom" as justification. If it were legal for them to stab someone dead in the street, they would do that as well and then play the victim when other people complain.

I saw one of the barbarians do this to a black woman in a store. He just stood there filming her, every now and then shaking his head as if she was doing something wrong. He then got closer, to the point where the camera was inches away from her face - as he just stood there filming. This was done because until then she had done a pretty good job ignoring his attempt to bait her into a response, so he needed to take it up a notch. She stood there flinching for a while, clearly uncomfortable, which is exactly what he wanted. Plus, you never know what these sick animals are going to do with these videos on line. She was trying to avoid responding, because we all know what happens when you respond. So she had to just stand there letting this sick fuck do this. Of course, the whole point was to try and rattle her nerves so that she would eventually snap and start shouting at him to get away. Keep in mind, she had done nothing to deserve this, she wasn't acting up. She was simply standing in line and this sickening little barbarian thought he would use her for some entertaining footage. She did not agree, and he didn't care. In fact, that's the very reason he was doing it. Eventually she did respond, and the barbarian's reaction to her response was as expected. See, either way they will have their control over you. Either you remain silent and let them do as they please, which will impact you negatively in one way or another, or you respond to them, and it will endeven worse for you.

So the animals bait, doing whatever they can to cause their target to respond, taking their attack up notch after notch until they get the response they want.

And once they get their response, they use that response to further attack the individual. The only way to lessen the blows, so to speak, is to not respond at all - meaning - go quietly into that good night, saying nothing, trying not to even flinch, trying not to give them ANY further reasons to attack, any other footage to use against you - while allowing these savage animals to continue attacking.....allowing them to continue doing what they're doing, trying to "trigger" you into a response, just so they can condemn you for the response and scream TRIGGERED! This is the twisted, sick and depraved barbarian mindset - and either way they get their way, becuase they put you in a situation where you either shut up and take it (and thus allow them to do whatever they want) or begin to fight back, which will only increase their attack, giving them more fodder to satiate their pack of wild hogs. This is why it is IMPOSSIBLE to maintain a civilized society with barbarians living among you. They will eventually destroy every society they infest. They can't help it. It's their nature.

Barbarians have a pathological need to control others, right down to a facial gesture or whisper of an utterance, all the while demanding their own freedom. Because barbarians operate on animal instinct, and can't reason beyond their biological impulses, they assume the role of "dominant" conqueror and fully expect others to go along with such. When other people refuse, the barbarians play the victim.

It doesn't matter whether they are conservative or liberal, religious or secular, male or female, gay or straight. There are animals among all groups.

So we (can be ANYONE at this point) end up time and time again in situations where they demand their right to say or (do) something to us, whether we like it or not, and regarldess of the consequences, which they care nothing about. And if we fight it, or struggle, it only gets worse. They make damn sure of it. And the logic used is that we make is worse for ourselves by resisting them, thus, if we really want them to stop (attacking) we should just bend over like good boys and girls and let them fuck us. If we go willingly, they won't have to be so rough - and eventually they'll go away - when they're done and fully satisfied. But either way we get fucked.

"I've told you how to stop me. Just do as I say and I'll go away!"

And we're screwed either way.

They want to take away your healthcare, your right to vote, to rent a home, to buy and sell.....just stop fighting them. After all, if you just give in and allow them to take these things from you, they won't have to fight so hard against you - they'll finally be able to stop attacking you.You make this harder on yourself by refusing to give in! They've TOLD you what you have to do to make them go away!

And either way you lose everything - maybe even your life.

Of course, the idea that they'll stop when they finally get their way is a lie. Barbarians need a fight and will always find a reason to create one. Give them an inch and they take everything. They will never stop, they'll only get worse and worse until you HAVE to stand up against them - for the sake of your life. And that's what they want - because that gives them the conflict they need to justify the war that they crave.

(Keep in mind, if only a tiny fraction of such is done to them, suddenly it becomes a terrible thing, something complaint worthy, and they play the victim) 

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10th August 2017


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9th August 2017


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3:37pm: "Can't people see that he's CLEARLY guilty? I mean, look at him! He's nervous, sweating, I think he might even be shaking! He's clearly terrified and thus must be hiding something and is obviously guilty!" - typical barbarian

The above comment was made about a black man who was caught in a police investigatation. He was deemed innocent. Completely fucking innocent. So why was he acting as if he had something to hide? Because he's used to being targted, he's used to being accused of crimes, he knows that the cops will be harder on him than on a white man, he understands that he will NOT get a fair trial, he can be dragged off to prison and held without a trial, shot dead if he makes one wrong move or even flinches, and he can be falsely accused so that the lazy cops can brag about how they "got their man" without actually having to do the work and track down the real culprit. THIS is why he was acting as if he was terrified. He WAS terrified. This doesn't take much brain power to understand, but a stupid and savage barbarian understands nothing.

So again we have a situation where the same barbarians create a stereotype about an entire group of people, then do everything they can to try and cause those people to act out the stereotype - thus proving their own point through deceitful means.

They do this to women, too. Anyone who must wonder, at this point, why women are more nervous/anxious than white men is too stupid too truly be a full human - or just too deceitful to be anything other than satan's whore. When every step you take is scrutinized, every move twisted into something negative, when you know that the facts will always be twisted against you, and you are judged more harshly than others - and can even have your life destroyed with lies that the savages will accept without question, you're going to be more anxious - and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Understand the barbarian mind - this is how they behave. They create a stereotype and then set up the perfect situation for their target to act out that very stereotype. If they want to show the "angry black man," they'll attack and bait a black man until they get an angry response, and then use that response to prove their initial point - that black men are angry. They do the same to women.

It's sick, repulsive, perverse.....the nazis did such to the Jews. In the camps the Jews were starved, many to death. And if one stole a piece of bread, the nazis used that in ther propaganda aginast the Jews - "proving" that the Jews are thieves. They also kept the Jewish people (and others thrown in with them) in filthy conditions, and then used the filth and sickness to show how dirty the Jews were. I mean, this is akin to calling someone a drug dealer and then planting bags of drugs in their apartment. THIS is the barbarian way. They MUST be removed from society or they will destroy all - including their own race.

Know them by their fruits. 

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