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25th May 2017

6:31pm: Both America and Israel claim to be defenders of human rights yet are allies with Saudi Arabia - close friends even. They then continue to attack other Islamic nations that aren't nearly as bad when it comes to human rights.

And in the end, the lying little hypocrites who support this "friendship" will trivialize everything down to "women complaining becaue they can't go to Starbucks," when in reality the complaint is that they can't leave their home without a male chaperone. But the hypocrites must justify their stance in any manner they can, and this is how they do it. There is no end to the logic that goes something like, "It's not as bad as Islam so shut up and stop complaining."  Watch, soon they will begin using that logic when it DOES pertain to Islam! "Well at least you're not being beheaded, so shut up about not being able to drive, vote or leave your home without a male!" As far as being imprisoned and/or stoned for adultery - even if a woman/girl was raped? No worries, according to many right-wing Americans, rape doesn't happen, or it doesn't happen nearly as much as we'd like to think. Plus, women usually ask for it anyway by doing something to provoke the men. Problem solved. She lied. STONE HER!
I'm starting to understand why so many right-wing Christian Americans love and defend Saudi Arabia while demonizing other Islamic nations that are far less severe when it comes to Sharia law. Similar values.

And let's not even get into what they do to gays. Nothing to lose your head over.

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2:48pm: Anyone getting sick of the conservatives who claim to stand against Islam but CONTINUE to support Trump even after he sold out America to Saudi Arabia, which is home to the most radical strains of Islam and is known for some of the worst human rights violations of all the nations?  And aren't these the same hypocritical little fuckers who continue to chastise third wave feminists for claiming to stand for women's rights while at the same time defending Islam! IMO both groups are full of shit, conservatives and liberals alike. They will defend their own side to the death, without considering that maybe there is shit on both ends and they need to wipe their own ass before pointing out the shit on someone else's.

Though I do agree that people who call themselves feminists should not be supporting sharia law - or any law that is derived frm the Abrahamic religions. And those who do are as full of shit as the conservatives who claim to stand against Islam but continue to metaphorically rim the anus of the man who sold out America to Saudi Arabia - Trump - I can't even stomach calling him presid.....

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9:14am: Republicare - the Real Death Panel
Who doesn't love non-Americans who encourage Americans to kill each other off - legally? Because that seems to be what is happening. We now have very charasmatic individuals who are not even American citizens, trying to convince Americans to vote their own lives away. This, when these same people can go back to their own nation where they have healthcare, free education and so on.

The truth is, more people in America will die because of republican laws (ESPECIALLY THEIR HEALTHCARE LAWS) than from Islamic radicals. The difference is that while radical Muslims blow their enemies up and thefore are harder to ignore, white christian republicans kill off their own citizens slowly - legally, by taking away necessities - things people NEED in order to live and will die without. The bodies come in little by little, there is no shrapnel, there are no blood splattered walls. Therefore their own act of murder is easier to ignore. They stay under the radar. I'm not saying that radical Islam isn't a threat. It is. Unfortunately both sides, the left and the right, ignore the shortcomings of the group they choose to support in an attempt to justify their decision to support said group. This little act of self-deception that humans seem to be so inclined to has led to untold suffering throughout the ages. (the conservatives who supposedly stand against Islam but still support Trump, even after he sold out America to Saudi Arabia)

So - the new proposed healthcare bill is a disaster.

The healthy will be covered, the sick will not. Taking away something that people NEED in order to live, to the point where they begin to die off, should be considered murder. In this case, it's government mandated murder. Human rights organizations from other nations should step in now and deal with America.

"The sick can always go to the emergency room!"

Yeah, if you have a sore throat. But a chronic condition like cancer will not be dealt with at the emergency room. As Cenk said, you can't just go to the emergency room and get chemo. No, you can't, it doesn't work that way. What you CAN do is go to the emergency room when the cancer spread and you're about to die.

So why do I call this Republicare instead of Trumpcare? Because the republicans have wanted this for years, and they actually made it much worse than Trump's original plan. Honestly, Trump seems like an angel compared to the rest of the GOP. And that should say a lot, since he's one of the worst creatures nature has spawned.

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9:03am: As always, this is not about the entire white race but instead a subgroup among them. Further still, this mental instability can and does exist among ALL groups, not just the white race.

The seed of barbarians, mindless, witless little cavebeasts who should never have been given power - they attack people who have done nothing to them, and then when they get a response, they play the victim and claim that they just want to be left alone.

So yet again we have a situation where random people are simply trying to live their lives in peace, and a conservative white male will not allow such. Sad, since in th end it will be said that this poor white man was the one who just wanted to live his life and be left alone. They ALWAYS twist it, give their own traits to those they attack, and vice versa.

So apparently it's a crime to speak spanish in America? According to this racist, it is. Out no nowhere, completely unprovoked, this racist white man started his verbal attack on a hispanic man who was simply speaking to his mother in spanish. And of course, I'm sure that according to the right-wing hypocrites that's perfeclty fine, covered by free speech. But we can't call him what he actually is - a racist - because that would be defamation. How? Because they'll simply deny his racism. And in this manner the white supremacists are trying to take over and once again create a nation where only they have freedom - and where it is only the truth that isn't allowed.

Worse still, this little bitch then physically assaulted the hispanic man, knowing full well that the man could not do anything back. Why? Because this bitch is in a wheelchair, therefore no one would dare to return the favor and smack the shit out of him. And that's usually how it works, whether physical or verbal, these cowards attack when they know their target can't respond in a like manner.

And in the end the racist white man who started the attack played the victim. Why? Because the man he attacked had the nereve to respond. Nothing new under the sun. But at least the cops did the right thing.

I have to give credit to the hispanic man - his restraint and self control should win him a gold medal.

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24th May 2017

9:18pm: GOP candidate Greg Gianforte body slamed Ben Jacobs, a reporter with The Guardian.

And of course, because it was a white republican Christian male who body slamed a liberal reporter, it will be said that the reporter deserved it, that "everyone has a limit" and that Gianforte just finally snapped after having been instigated for too long. Yet, if it happened the other way around, a liberal physically assaulting a republican (especially a white Christian male republican) the same hypocrites who will justify this would instead start a witch hunt, using it to show how violent liberals are and of course painting republicans (especially white Christian male republicans) as the victim of ALL liberals. And imagine if it had been a black, Muslim or female liberal who acted with such violence! It would be used from that moment forward to attack the entire group, and NO pity would be had - there would be no justification by way of, everyone has a limit. In fact, these very conservatives intentionally bait and antagonize their chosen target(s) for the sole purpose of pushing said target to react, just so they can then use that reaction to further demonize their target......... for reacting!

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6:03pm: They weren't fooled. They're just immensely stupid and/or sociopathic.

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10:44am: Neo-Nazi Converts to Islam, Murders His Nazi Friends.

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23rd May 2017

9:07am: Note: This is not about all Muslims. There are good and wicked people among all groups, all religions. Just as Christians and Jews have their own demons, so too do Muslims.

Something tells me that the recent terror attack in Manchester was not committed by Shia muslims, but instead the more radical Sunnis, and worse.....the insane extremist Wahabi strain that is prominent in SAUDI ARABIA! Saudi Arabia....our new best friend here in America, apparently. Our president is a sell-out who will run this nation into the ground. His "marriage" to the Saudi King will lead this nation to ruin. The very one who claimed to be the protector of America in the face of radical lslam will now have us on our knees, face down ass in the air, at the feet of Muhammad's most savage minions.

The Islamic State (Daesh) = Sunni/Wahabi

So why are we best friends with Saudi Arabia? Because money. That's why. 

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8:49am: As always, this is not a rant about all white men. In fact, it's not a rant about MOST white men. I am speaking about a subgroup among them, NOT the group as a whole.

Typical conservative white male:

When someone who disagrees with them is addressing them personaly, they demand respect:

Have manners and respect people. Stop shouting over everyone. Don't mock and humiliate people who disagree with you. Allow free speech!

When they are addressing someone they disagree with, only their own free speech is tolerated:

Fat, ugly feminist cunts, mentally ill trannies, obese hippo hambeasts - one day they will be a thing of the past, SILENCE and BEGONE!

When someone accuses them of something negative  (even if it's true), they demand a correction and will even threaten to sue:

How DARE you falsely accuse me?! The lying must stop! There is a line when it comes to free speech and THIS IS IT!

When they really DO falsely accuse someone of something because they don't like the person's opinion, they use their own free speech to justify it:

What? You don't wear makeup? And you think it's OK for girls and women to have short hair? You UGLY man hating feminazi! (or greasy, cuck of an sjw manbitch) And I have a right to say that!

The hypocrisy is never ending. As always, they reserve free speech for themselves, justifying even the most vulgar attacks on those they disagree with, while demanding respect in return and playing the victim if they don't get it. At which point they try and prove how poorly mannered their opponents are. Make no mistake, someone who spews forth the above-mentioned insults cares nothing about politness or manners. When he "shuts someone down" for supposedly being rude, he is simply looking for an excuse to silence the individual, most likely because the person came too close to the truth.

So they then try and silence anyone who calls them on their horrific behavior, claiming that they are being slandered and therefore have a right to seek justice. Yet they have no problem slandering others and demanding the right to do so, then turning around and playing the victim if the person they've just slandered even dares to call them out on it. Because.....free speech? They simply lie, and lie and lie, and in this manner they can manipulate the law to allow them to say what they want, while denying others that same right. The clever little liar won't come out and say, "nigger," for example, but instead will find a way to degrade and devalue blacks in whatever manner he can - so long as he can word it in a manner that allows him to stay under the radar. Therefore, in his lying little narrative, if you call him a racist you have slandered him horrifically and should be punished for that.

Further, their all out attacks on specific groups of people often times end up turning that group into a target not just for daily mockery and verbal abuse but even physical abuse. And how is this dealt with by said white conservative males? They justify the verbal abuse via "free speech" and all out deny the physical abuse. And the final act.....they twist it into knots and project their own traits onto others, claiming to be the victim of.....the very thing they're doing to others!

Turning any group of people into a scapegoat, blaming them for all (or most) of the world's problems and so on will bring anger and even hatred onto that group. Now the white conservative males will claim that they never explicitly said, "Go out and attack this group." The problem is, they don't HAVE to tell people outright to attack said group. Turning people into a scapegoat for all that is wrong in the lives of others, tearing into them, mocking and degrading them, working up a shit storm against them.....this behavior will lead to eventual violence against them. And the provocateur understands that. It's the masses that are too stupid to comprehend.

And so this continues on and on, and in the end, those who are being targeted MUST speak up, at which point these same white males play the victim, claim that THEY are being turned into a target, and that constantly attacking their character will justify violence against THEM! And so the victimizers play the victim.

There is a reason I call this the final projection. This flipping of circumstances....this will be the final act before the rest of humanity finally snaps - and puts an end to this once and for all.

And then of course these same conservative white males come to wildly inccarute conclusions as to why the world is turning against them. 

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22nd May 2017


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3:08pm: Gift Givers and Bug Chasers - Rise of the Gaylords
Note: This is NOT an attack on the gay community, as I fully support the lgbt community as a whole. ALL of it. And yes, that includes gay white males. Though that does not mean I support all behaviors therein. That being said:

So apparently there are some gay men (luckily only a small minority among them) who actually seek out HIV infection, and others who are willing to "gift" it to them.

Years ago I heard about this kind of thing, though I paid little attention. Now, though, gay men (especially gay white men) have been thrust hard into the spotlight, what with the significant number of them that supported Trump. They've become harder and harder to ignore, especially those who choose to attack the freedom of others while demanding their own. So we're all paying attention now. Maybe that's not a good thing.

Ah, what has been seen cannot be unseen. Oh, woe are we! This is horrifying. Trying to find empathy here is difficult - but not impossible.

And at least these men are not married. Before women's lib, gay or bi men would simply cheat on their wives with other men. The women and children were the ones who paid the worst for it. A man who went to a "bath" and fucked his little heart out would then go home to his wife. This is how many women (and children) got STDs - even before the era of AIDS. Now, because everything is more open, neither gay men nor women are under as much pressure to get married and have children, meaning, if someone wants to live a dangerous lifestyle they don't necessarily have to drag a family along with them. Plus, if a man is bi or gay, he can be honest about it instead of hiding it, thereby allowing a woman to decide whether or not she wants to take the risk, instead of lying to her, cheating on her in the most dangerous way possible (with other men) and risking her life by doing so.

So how could any decent, sane human being intentionally infect someone with a disease - OR - seek out someone to infect him? Yikes!

Well, here are some possible reasons, though there is still NO legitimate excuse to justify this.

1. To shake their collective fist at nature, the universe, God...to turn the tables on a seemingly unfair and murderous entity that these men are told hates them and wants them dead. They've taken something horrible (punishment) and turned it into something pleasurable, meaning, in one giant FUCK YOU to the universe, they've taken something that was meant to hurt them and they've found a way to enjoy it. "Take THAT, bitch!"

2. The "get it over with" mentality. Rip the band aid off quickly. Gay men have always (and probably will always) have a much higher risk of getting HIV, therefore they have to be extra careful, and to make matters worse, they must trust their partner, which is not necessarily easy to do in a society like ours, where humans are expendable. There might be the temptation to just do it, just get it over with, since it might happen anyway....then they'll have one less thing to worry about.

3. So that gay couple talking dirty to each other before and during sex, going on about whose sperm should be used to "make the baby" and.....I won't go into the rest of the details. Nature drives people to want to reproduce. This is not lost on gay men! There is still an inherent desire to reproduce during sex - which is what the function of sex is for. Since two men can't produce a child together, the act of sharing diseases becomes a form of reproduction - impregnation.

4. It doesn't seem as terrible nowadays because so many gay men have it and are living with it seemingly without consequence. It's also been so thoroughly normalized that many people no longer even view it as a negative thing.

So why this rant? And why now?

Because now we seem to be plagued by a new wave of white conservative males who want to secure their own freedom to do whatever they want, whenever they want, to whoever they want, regardless of who they hurt or kill, while ALSO demanding their freedom take away the rights and freedoms of others - the difference between now and a few years ago is that they're not just straight anymore. So NOW you can be a gay man (as long as you don't want to get married) and fuck and suck your way to the grave, spreading disease worldwide - but you can't be fat, transgender, a lesbian, use birth control if you're a woman or have views that these white conservative males disagree with.

That's right, this kind of hypocritical rubbish is no longer limited to STRAIGHT white males. Have a look on line at the growing number of gay white men joining in on the attack of the above-mentioned groups, even justifying the taking of rights and freedoms from said groups, while demanding their own.  And if you even whisper that maybe they should be more careful......

They'll play the victim, bitch and whine and moan about their freedom being taken away by a bunch of man hating feminazis and feminized manbitch cucks.

So now instead of a patriarch we will have a gaytriarch.

We're coming to a point where every group will have to stand on its own, as no one will continue to defend those who attack them personally. Sad.

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21st May 2017

6:32pm: In the end it isn't about one particular group being targeted but instead the mentality with which those in a target group are treated. Just can't win.

*If they don't have decent jobs and thus can't suport themselves, they're demonized for being poor, for being on welfare, for taking from working white tax payers.

*If they do have decent jobs and can fully support themselves, they're accused of stealing the jobs of white men and thus leading to poverty among the white race. And if they succeed at life and end up in a really high position, it's said that they never really deserved said position but instead acquired it by way of affirmitative action.

*If they fail to integrate (Hassidic Jews, for example), they're called elitist, racist, white Christian hating bigots who believe that they're superior to all others.

*If they do integrate they're accused of trying to destroy the white race with their demon seed. I kid you not, this accusation has been made. They're also accused of trying to manipulate and eventually dominate white Christians through infiltration. (this is one of the worst PROJECTIONS) I have ever heard.

*If they don't have decent jobs and thus can't suport themselves, they're demonized for being poor, for being on welfare, for taking from working MALE tax payers. If they're married and don't work, they're expected to serve their husbad like a slave because, after all, he's paying the bills. The men then play the victim because "they have to" take care of these lazy bitches.

*If they do have decent jobs and can fully support themselves, they're accused of stealing the jobs of white men and thus leading to poverty among the white race.  And if they succeed at life and end up in a really high position, they're lied about, called whores and accused of fucking, sucking and manipulating their way to the top.

*If they're naturally unattractive and don't do everything in their power to make themselves as attractive as possible, they're called rabid man hating feminists, cows, pigs, filthy slobs, monstrocities, hippos and so on.

*If they're attractive, and especially if they do try and make themselves as presentable as possible, they're called vain, superficial bitches, manipulators who use their looks for gain, whores who are looking for sexual attention and thus, if they're physically assaulted, it's said to be their own fault. It becomes almost an open invitation for sexual assault.

These are but a few of the damned either way situations that targets of this particular group of white males must endure. Obviously, not all white men carry on in this manner. In fact, most are decent human beings. Nonetheless, those who do behave in this way are getting louder and ever more sadistic. It's becoming impossible to remain silent.

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20th May 2017

7:24pm: Brilliant

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1:15pm: Stop the Islamization of America - STOP TRUMP
One of Trump's main strategies to win votes was to use Islam, and the fear of it, in order to convince quivering Americans to vote for him on the grounds that he will protect them from the big, bad monster that is Islam. Now, there are certainly righteous Muslims in this world. Sadly America, like a little bitch, is rimming the rectum of the most extreme, hateful and murderous Islamic nation to date, while attacking the more peaceful Muslims and deeming them the enemy.

There are good and wicked people among all religions. Islam is no exception. It would make sense, if we are going to protect our nation from the violence of radical Islam, to go after the most virulent strains of such - aka - the Sunni version of Saudi Arabia. Yet here we see Trump kissing up to the Sunnis, even discissing the prospect of giving them more military power, as well as more say in American politics. Saudi Arabia is home to some of the most radical Islamic extremists this world has ever known. Reporters are executed (or at the least imprisoned) for writing the wrong thing, homosexuals are most certainly executed, and for women - Saudi has been called the world's largest women's prison. In fact, there aren't many nations left where women and girls have fewer rights and protections. Yet here we are - our president supports Saudi Arabia and its backward regime, forms an alliance with them, seeks to empower them and invites them into mainstream American society. And for what, you ask? Money. These greedy republican beasts have chosen money over God, caring nothing for the consequences of their actions and the impact of their laws on the rest of humanity.

We will not free ourselves from radical Islamic extremists by giving more power to the most extreme while demonizing and attacking the peaceful Muslims! Instead we will get the opposite result. And I can't believe that ANYONE is too fucking stupid to understand that.

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19th May 2017

12:00pm: It's been a long time since I've felt as bad for someone as I did for that transwoman stuck between a rock and a hard-on. To her left, a group of TERFs who looked as if they were ready to give a stoning, and to her right.....a group of MRAs, the worst kind, debating whether or not transgender individuals should even be allowed human rights, even suggesting that they should be locked up. Ey, dickheads, no need to stone someone to death to destroy them. Do it legally and then brag about how much more "civil" you are because you manipulated the law in order to destroy your enemy, as opposed to physically throwing a stone. Though I have to say, being stoned to death, as horrible as it would be, would end within a few minutes. Lights out. These sick fuck MRAs drag out their destruction of those they have turned into enemies, little by little increasing their attacks, taking more and more from them, causing worsening harship until their target cries out. And then they further attack their target for crying out. And of course, then we get the victim playing from those very MRAs, complaining that their "free speech" is under attack, when in reality it is the outcome they want to see for the world that is being spoken against! But in their sickness they fully expect those whose lives they would obliterate to shut up, lie down and die.

Any idea, concept, movement...anything...can be taken to such destructive extremes that it becomes counterproductive to its original purpose. Misogynists and radical feminists seem to be doing everything in their power to prove this point - as loudly and obnoxiously as they possibly can. But that is a topic for later, when I have more time to analyze both groups down to their molecular structure. For now, understand this. Both groups are full of shit.

The typical misogynist will defend his own patriarch at all costs, ignoring any abuse of power committed by his own brethren, or worse, denying it outright - and bashing feminists for speaking up against such things. He is a defender of men, or better put - men who look and think like him. When it comes to other groups of men who are less favorable to him, his views and his lifestyle, he has no problem speaking against them, degrading them, dehumanizing them. And when it comes to men who are in ABSOLUTE opposition to him, his views and his lifestyle, he will not hesitate to suggest that the young, fighting age males among said group should not be allowed in his society. Now, I can't really blame him for not wanting to live in a society of men who hate him, his views, his lifestyle.....and fully intend to crush him. Sadly, he doesn't seem capable of the same empathy in return. In such a case, he will use the same excuse that so many white, American males use nowadays to justify their abuse of others. "It's not as bad as what Islam would do to you, so shut up and take it." Of course, this reasoning never works in reverse. He is the hypocrite of all hypocrites, yet bahses others for their supposed hypocrisy. Remember projection. Always.

The typical radfem, on the other hand, is vocal in her desire to end the patriarchy, yet she is ONLY speaking about her own patriarchy, meaning, the men of the west. Now, given how profane and destructive white, conservative American males are becoming, her desire to be rid of them is not completely unwarranted. They just keep attacking - then complain when they get a response, as if they didn't expect one. They are on a rampage, in "combat mode," egged on by a clever, silver-tongued charlatan who has quickly become alpha of all alphas. Their insatiable desire for combat has led them to attack their own, and like a weakened immune system, their own have begun to fight back - pitiful as their swings may be. Enter radfems. This particular group of feminists is acting as the immune system of the American body, yet they fail to grasp the ever growing threat of other fighting aged males in other parts of the world. Now, I am not attempting to downplay the abuses of western men by using worse abuses in other parts of the world. What I AM saying is that it makes absolutely NO FUCKING SENSE to fight against a white Christian man who would spit on you if he could, while DEFENDING a Muslim man (the extreme kind) who would stone you to death if he could! For FUCK sake! Let go of political correctness at least enough to remind youself of what you're fighting for! Are you really fighting so that young girls can be forced into marriage and women can be stoned to death for adultery? THINK!

Both groups need to get a grip.  NOW!

Other issues that both groups agree on:

*They claim to stand for free speech, yet verbally (and sometimes physically) attack and degrade anyone who has a different opinion

*They claim to stand for freedom of choice, lifestyle, yet defend only their own lifestyle and degrade and even hinder the lifestyle choices of others (Lesbian feminists and gay misogynists who defend their own freedom to express who they are but stand against transgender individuals in all ways, including legal)

*They are against transgender people (While there are certain issues that DO need to be addressed, such as whether a biological male should really be allowed in the girl's locker room, the all out attack on transpeople is nothing more than a witch-hunt)

*They are against the concept od gender fludity

*They reject any notion that the two sexes can live side by side in peace (misogynists want an absolute patriarch and radfems want a matriarch)

The list goes on, and on, and on. Though maybe now the MRAs will begin to defend transpeople simply in order to oppose the radfems. Usually how it goes.

Just fuck and make up. All of you.

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18th May 2017

12:55pm: This is humiliating.

(spank me)

10:57am: The reason so many religious "acting" people are so very corrupt is that they worship a creator that claims to stand for justice yet rewards injustice.

One could argue that it is people, as opposed to a higher power, who reward injustice. But we still have the concept of an all powerful creator - someone who supposedly can do anything yet still allows the righteous to be destroyed by the wicked.

Liars and manipulators, greedy corporate shills, sociopaths and the exceedingly cruel = millionaires.

Honest and upfront, defenders of the poor, empathetic and kind = financial and social ruin

Sadly we live in a capitalist society where the greedy elite hoard everything and leave the rest of society in ruins, we must literally pay to live, sometimes with our very last drop of blood, sweat.....our last tear shed. Having enough money in this situation matters because the corporate billionaires who run this world made sure that we can't survive without it - we must pay for food, for clean water, for healthcare, for a home (and if we can't afford a home we will pay for being homeless, and might even be charged as criminals for it) and so on. This insures that the top 1% will alwayws have slaves to keep their world running. The poor built this nation while the wealthy sat back, feet up, enjoying the fruits of someone else's labor. And no God or creator has stepped in to change this.

We can go on and on about what Jesus said, given that he did speak out about all of these things, yet nothing has changed so why bother? Now, the greedy elite commit all of their crimes IN HIS NAME - they do the opposite of what he said to do, and they do it IN HIS NAME. So how is that his fault?

Well, if he claimed to be God, which would mean that he can now do anything that a "God" can do.......

And yet - nothing. The starving continue to starve, the sick continue to die without healthcare, the homeless continue to suffer first from the elements - cold, heat, rain, snow, ice - and then from the laws made by corrupt politicians - arrest, imprisonment. And on and on.

Then again, if we really want to comfort ourselves with happy but childish thoughts - maybe there really is a creator (of some kind) who is simply testing us, and THAT is the purpose of allowing such horrors to continue. 

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6:21am: A 14 year old boy was charged with 3rd degree arsen after burning down a Manhattan synagogue. When such a young teen commits a such a horrible crime, it's the adults that should be blamed. Who and what drove this kid to take such violent and destructive actions? And why does he despise so greatly a group of people he most likely knows very little about? One word:


Here is the result of taking an entire group of people and demonizing the fuck out of them. Violence, destruction......luckily no one was physically harmed.

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17th May 2017

8:11pm: Beta
The problem with beta males (and females) is that they are so desperate to fit in that they can be manipulated into believing (and doing) anything if the end result will be their own inclusion (or the illusion of) in a larger group. These are not leaders but instead mindless followers, trained pets who are so excited to finally be part of something that they are almost giddy in their attack on the chosen target(s). And OH what a thrill for them if they can be the one to get in a nice big smack - so long as the rest of the group is watching. In this manner they are like children trying to get approval from their superiors by going overboard in their attempt to please.

Worse still, they are metephorically being fucked in the ass, though in their delusion they feel special.

Many begin as internet trolls who are completely worthless in real life and only find some value, if we can even call it that, by attaching themselves to valid humans on line and doing whatever it takes in order to gain approval, and thus inclusion in the group. This is why so many, no....ALL of them end up being used like bitches by the dominant males for whatever purpose said males desire.

Given the rise of beta bitch males among humans, along with the massive decline in alpha males, I feel it imporant to educated the masses on this matter so that they know, at all times, who they are dealing with. You're welcome.


*Bullies who go after the easiest targets. They need to cut off your legs at the knee in order to stand above you, but they're too cowardly to choose a a target that might be able to fight back.

*Desperate for acceptance from a larger group, will go along with almost anything in order to be included. They feel special and important when given a task from the group leader, even if it's something pathetic and dickless like throwing rocks at a bunny rabbit and getting it on film.

* Weak minded and easily baited, manipulated.

*Severely lacking in understanding of psychology/biology, and would be confused if an explanation was attempted.

*Poor reasoning ability, instead they tend to think (and from that, act) on primal instinct, which makes them even easier to control. Dumb animals without much reasoning ability are easier to manipulate and control than intelligent humans.

*Lacking in self control. You will know these when you see them - they drool on pizza, grunt at women and go into a wild-eyed craze when they think their prey is near. They can't control their emotions and thefore make terrible spies.

*Primal desire drives the beta to seek out conflict in all things - he finds great pleasure in joining with a "herd" in an attack on an "enemy" target. Like animals they stalk their prey, this is the only time they truly feel alive.


Alpha males are not always nice but they're still superior to betas who are both mean AND stupid. Alphas are intelligent and usually have a strong understanding not only of what they truly want, but also of the way in which their own demands will impact others - as well as the responses they are likely to get from others. They don't always use this for good, but the point is simply that they comprehend. This understanding of psychology/biology is how alphas gain respect, and in many cases submission, from other people. Betas, on the other hand, don't usually understand their own thoughts/feelings, let alone the mental state of others. They have no comprehension. They are sick in their depravity and, unlike the intelligent alphas, they are too stupid to understand the consequences of their actions. For this reason they are often times shocked and confused when they get a negative response. And unlike the alpha who people willingly submit to, the beta must force people to do as he says, physically if necessary.

*Alpha males are dominant but rarely bullies. They don't need to tear down weak and easy targets in order to feel good about themselves, nor do they find honor in beating up on those who are weaker, in fact, they would be ashamed to do such a thing. Though occasionally you will find an alpha who does behave in this way, it is usually for reasons other than self-esteem - often times financial. Meaning - a charlatan.

*They don't really need to be part of a group in order to feel worthy and therefore are less likely to go along with terrible behavior simply to fit in. Now, they might like to be the center of attention, but rememeber, they are running the show - not fetching coffee.

*Strong willed, not easily baited or manipulated.

*Well educated on matters of the human mind, with a strong understanding of psychology, biology and how the two work together. They don't always use this knowledge for good, but the point is that they comprehend. What they do with this understanding is irrevelent to this point. Thus, you might have an alpha who uses this for good, and another who uses it to manipulate people for his own gain. But make no mistake, even the "bad" alpha understands what he is doing, he is not unaware of the impact his actions/words will have on others. His intent is to coax, antagonize and bait a response out of people and use that response for his own purpose, be it social or financial.

*Excellent reasoning ability, though again, they don't always use this in a positive way.

* An alpha is as much a master of himself as he is of others. While every human being is technically an animal, alphas are in control of their mind/body and can rise above primal instinct if they so choose. An alpha is not only aware of his own mental process, but is also able to control his emotions, reactions and so is not a slave to his primal instincts. (this of course is within reason - if something bad happens no one should be expected to remain completely without visible emotion) If it is necessary for him to maintain a poker face, he can easily achieve this, unlike the beta who will go slack-jawed and wild eyed as soon as his prey walks by, thereby giving away his presence and causing his target to flee.

*An alpha strikes hard and fast when there is a need to do so, but unlike the primitive beta, an alpha does not engage in combative behavior simply to have someone to fight, nor does he act on the primal instinct to run with (and attack with) a pack.

The list can go on for days and my hands are getting tired. Just know this. The alpha is not the one running around doing the dirty work, getting an ego-boost because he feels included in something "big" even though it's usually some pathetic attack on the easiest targets possible.....the alpha is not the one running in circles, or crouching all day behind garbage bins just for a picture of the intended prey. The betas are out "on the field" so to speak. The alpha is behind the scenes, beer in one hand, remote in the other, reclining with feet on a pedestal.......giving the orders.

All that being said....

If you ever encounter one of these beta males, running around talking into their secret communication device (smartwatch), grinning with wild enthusiasm as they whisper a secret to some unknown individual, "TARGET LOCATED," smile back at them and say, "Take me to your Master, you stupid bitch." 

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12:03pm: Trump leaked top secret information given to the US by the Israelis. Chaos ensued.

And the justification from the far right? "He didn't leak anything, he legally had a right to do what he did."

And this is exactly why no one should trust this generation of Americans - with anything. No morality, no common sense, no thought given to the consequences of their actions - simply "MY freeDUM I can do what I want!"

And to those few self-hating Jewish men and women who voted for Trump - SHAME!

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11:28am: "This ship is on fire and the rats are looking for the exits." - Cenk Uygur

That sums it up perfectly.

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16th May 2017

6:16pm: Of course she's going to fall in line with alt-right views! That's where the money is. There's no greater money making scheme at the moment than to cater to the far right-wing agenda.

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6:02pm: A Terrifying Reminder of America's Past

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4:06pm: A complex interaction between nature and nurture has driven humans to derive pleasure from power exchange. Sadly, this has led to horrific suffering throughout the history of mankind. The desire to dominate or submit, to conquer or be conquered has driven savage humans to war after bloody war. It has led to slavery of men, sexual slavery of women; it has built and destroyed nations. It is one of the major factors in religion. The reason that most religions give the title of superior to the people who wrote said religions down is because men created religion to satisfy their own wants, needs, desires. Why do the Abrahamic religions claim that women should submit to men, or that men are allowed to have multiple wives while women must be faithful to one man? Why do so many religions condone slavery of other races but at least decent treatment of one's own? Because humans create religion to serve their own needs. When it comes to dominance and submission, religion is the main factor in controlling the population - in public and in the bedroom. And the proponents of these religions demand submission even from the unwilling, citing God as justification. Really, religious submission of, for example, a wife to her husband, is nothing more than socially acceptable bdsm, but since it is being carried out in the name of religion instead, the demand to live this kind of lifestyle is placed on everyone.

It would be much better, in my opinion, for people to admit where their desires come from - the true primal source - as opposed to lying in order to justify themselves. This is where bdsm comes in. If people must indulge in power play, it is preferable that they acknowledge the true origin of their desires and then create a space for such to be fulfilled - in manner that is safe and enjoyable for all involved - and that all involved are, of course, willing participants. That being said.......

I've always said that you can never really know a person until you see them in a position of power, or where at least they believe they have power and can get away with.....a lot. :)

What will they do? Will they use their power/influence for good, to help people - or will they abuse their power and cause harm? How far would they go if they could (or believed they could) get away with almost anything. Is there even a limit?

Humans in general have an inherent inclination toward not only domination, but degradation - taking pleasure in the suffering of others. Sadism. This manifests in whatever manner it can, meaning, the extent of sadistic behavior is dependent on the laws of the land at the time. The absolute worst of the worst will take things as far as they can legally, and then push to raise the bar even higher, allowing for even worse abuses to be legalized. So as society deterioriates, more and more behaviors that would once have been considered unacceptable become par for the course. And at some point, a sane individual must ask the question: How far is too far?

Is there a point where even the most cruel and degenerate man will stay his own hand for the sake of mercy?

Ah, even if the answer is yes, we're not there yet. We're still on the decline and going down fast. Those who have an inclination toward sadism are satiating themselves in any manner they can legally and there does't seem to be any indication that they have a limit.

For the sake of keeping this clean, i'm going to describe a consensual exchange. Consider this:

A couple is willingly engaging in power play/bdsm. The Master (who is in full control of his own mind/instinct/emotions) has his slave tied down and is administering some form of pain, agreed upon beforehand of course. He has but one command for her. Do not make a sound. As his movement intensifies so does her pain. She struggles to remain silent as he pushes her past the breaking point and she begins to whimper, then moan and finally scream. The Master then punishes her for screaming, though he had planned from the beginning to make it so that she would be unable to remain silent - simply so he would have an excuse to punish her.

What I just described is typical human behavior, though most do not engage in such with willing partners, nor do they ascribe to it any kind of kink, or carry out this desire in a safe and agreed upon manner. It is simply their nature and they will find a way to express it in any manner they can, with anyone they can, in any given situation. Most are NOT in control of their own mind, instincts or emotions. Instead they act on primal urge without thinking or reasoning, like out of control animals who can't even conquer their own mind, they seek to master others yet haven't even learned to master themselves. They take pleasure in causing as much distress as possible, while demanding that their target not only remain silent, but not even flinch. "Shut up and stop complaining." If the target should initially succeed at remaining completely silent and unresponsive, the sadist takes it up a notch until he gets the response that he wants - only to then use that response to further attack his target - because she responded. TRIGGERED! Make no mistake, it is a form of sadism being carried out in a legal manner. It shows the sickness of their minds and makes one wonder how far they would go if there were no limits, no laws - no safety words.

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15th May 2017

2:40pm: Even the cruelest of men can be capable of humor - even when it's entirely accidental and born from delusion.

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