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26th April 2017

3:19pm: Sorry, Canada.

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25th April 2017

2:39pm: Schools are now punishing children who don't have enough money to pay for lunch. So much for, "It's not the child's fault!"

Oh, wait, the line was, "It's not the baby's fault" and it's used when right-wing christians want to force women (and girls) to have and raise a child even if the poor girl was raped. But when it comes time to paying for meals for poor children, suddenly those same right-wing christians not only refuse, but go so far as to punish the children because their parents can't afford food. Sick fucks! They only care about children as long as the burden of caring for them is on someone else. Expect them to reach into their own pocket and take out a dirty penny to buy a child lunch, and suddenly they no longer give a damn about kids - and moreover, they try to punish and humiliate them for being poor. Really fucking sick. IS THAT WHAT JESUS WOULD DO?????? And the fact that these lunch ladies are being forced to literally throw out meals for children who can't afford them, or get fired for not following the rules.....? I mean, taking a hungry child's meal and throwing it way - or getting fired for feeding a hungry child. THIS is a what a white, germanic, conservative christian nation looks like, folks. And it's only going to get worse.

The beasts making these laws are vile, sickening puddles of feces - worse that they do what they do in the name of a "God" who said to do the exact opposite! I mean, they are literally TRYING to do everything opposite of the God they claim to follow. Really fucking twisted. These sick animals should have no say in society - they should not be treated as humans. What kind of sick, twisted pieces of PIGSHIT behave this way?????

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One of the tactics that has always been used by the white, American (conservative) christians is conversion by suffering. They create a situation where people will suffer - badly. Then, the same christian rulers take measures to alleviate just a little bit of that suffering, claim Jesus is the one who had mercy, and then use that to convicne people to convert. Or worse, they'll do something terrible.....like drive right into traffic, putting the lives of all passengers in danger, and then at that last minute pull out and save everyone, claiming that "Jesus listened to me, see, we're saved." In this manner they can convince braindead morons that they have power from God.

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9:32am: "Maybe the whole point of having it in a church was to have an excuse to arrest anyone who dared to raise their voice against the government." - Cenk Uygur

Yes, because the church is allowed to have its own law encorcement and codes of conduct, they can arrest anyone they want for behaving in a way that they claim is aganst their religion. In this manner, by having the townhall meetings in a church, they can silence all opposing views.

And soon people will see just how bad the right-wing republican Christian militia really is. They will do anything possible to silence the people and maintain control, power - they will manipulate in any manner they can think up. And no, they care nothing about human lives. They don't care about people (including children) being poisoned throguh the water supply, but TAKE OFF YOUR HATE BECASUE YOU'RE IN CHURCH! SICK!

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24th April 2017

7:30pm: Finally some encouraging news - thousands of people all over the world stand up in support of science, facts and education.

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23rd April 2017


(spank me)

5:20pm: People from Flint go to a townhall meeting to discuss the fact that the government poisined their water - and end up getting roughed-up by "church cops" who were clearly recently hired for the sole purpose of intimidating people into silence.

Worthless, useless creatures who shouldn't be considered law enforcement - they don't do their job and go after actual criminals. When victims of crimes need help, the cops turn them away. But when citizens need to be silenced regarding the water issue, or ANY serious human rights violation, CHURCH COPS to the rescue - to silence them indefinitely.

So these little animals who call themselves cops care nothing about human lives, trying to shut down any discussion regarding the poisoned water in Flint, but they care enough about "God" to try and force people at the meeting to take their hates off because it's in a church????????

So the white, right-wing christian church has its own police now. And as always, they care nothing about human lives or the God they claim to follow. They are hired goons whose sole purpose is to intimidate good, decent citizens into silence.

Get ready, America - you're about to see what our ancestors saw, live through the horrors that they lived through at the hands of the white, bigoted, conservative American Christians.....

However, if the people of Flint voted in the right-wing republican beasts who are responsible for poisoning them and now silencing any complaints, I feel a bit less sorry for them.

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21st April 2017

1:38pm: It's called depopulation. The right-wing savages can't just drop a bomb om their own people, it would be too obvious - so they kill us off in this manner - by poisonin the air, water and land so that we breathe, drink and eat poison, killing us off over time - slowly and painfully. They pollute this world and destroy everything in their path - human and non-human alike. They are savages, beasts, sociopaths and murderers who care only of money and power. Sadly, they justify all of this falsely in the name of God. SICKENING filth these monsters are!

And to think - all of their outrage regarding children being poisoned in Syria........was fake. The rich, white, Christian republicans only claim to care about children when they can use that to justify envading another nation and supposedly saving those children from terrorists. Right....and then who will save all these children from these murderous republican beasts who then turn around and poison the air, water and land?????????

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12:21pm: When Wikileaks was working to the benefit of Trump (against Clinton), Trump just LOVED Assange, complimenting him on the great work he was doing. But now that Wikileaks has come out with information that might be a tad negative to the Trump administration, Trump wants to arrest Assange. Literally - to throw him in prison. What a FILTHY hypocrite.

Assange is going to learn the hard way what happens when you fight to put a dictator in a position of power. In this case - as the leader of the world.

Wikileaks used to be for the people - it used to be a source of information for the general population, providing as much information as possible so that the people could come to accurate conclusions based on the facts that they weren't being given by the media or the deceitful politicians. But when it came to this election Wikileaks changed. It became a cheerleader for Trump and his goons, presenting only partial information about topics and giving a one-sided presentation to the public. It went on a full attack against Hillary Clinton, yet left Trump alone. You see, both candidates had skeletons in their closet, but Wikileaks threw open Clinton's closet, while keeping a lock and key on anything negative that Trump was hiding. By doing this, Wikileaks gave the population a distorted (and BIASED) view of the candidates, making Clinton look like a demon and Trump like an angel. In reality, neither is an angel - yet Trump is 1000 times worse than Clinton. And he is now our president, thanks in some part to Assange, Wikileaks and their biased reporting.

The irony is that Assange assumed he could keep leaking information about the US government once Trump became president. oops

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17th April 2017

9:58am: In America, don't expect to get what you pay for. Literally, you can pay for something and then be denied/refused the product/service you paid for.

It's time for companies who behave this way to be crushed.

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16th April 2017

3:13pm: Of course it will come from tax payer money. Look, we are talking about the most savage and sadistic group of monsters that have ever existed. They will look for any way possible to take as much from other human beings as possible, while giving little to nothing back. They will turn you into slaves, though call it anything but that. They'll force you to pay or THEIR healthcare but deny YOU the healthcare you need, and use "reigious freedom" to justify denying you such. (I am NOT talking about abortion) But you....you will pay for THEM whether or not you agree with their ways - YOU don't get that same religious freedom to refuse. And now the same is happening with their organizations that want money from tax payers (even if those tax payers have a religious objection to paying) but refuse to allow their OWN money to be used on anything that they claim to have an objection to. This double-sandard will always exist as long as we allow it to. So now tax payers must fit the bill for these white Christian organizations - and "church" police as well, which can lead to nothing more than savagery and bloodshed. We're forced to pay for their violence and sadism with our tax dollars, yet when we tell them that tax money should go to make sure all American citizens have clean water, healthcare, education.....they then say that they don't want to pay and, furthrmore, have a religious right to refuse.

Filthy, vile sickening hypocrites. Pay to make them rich as we all go broke, without healthcare, clean water or decent education....this is slavery. The masses are dying in poverty while being forced to pay huge chunkcs of their money to white Christians. THIS is what happens when you allow the beasts among you. They can't help it, it's in their dna. You WILL serve them - and it WILL kill you.

But remember, this is NOT about all Christians or all whites. This is about a certain group of savage beasts who hail from the ancient germanic tribes......they have NEVER been civilized, they even destroyed their own fellow white Europeans who lived further to the North. No, they can't be civilized.

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9:53am: The beast elements in this nation are at it again, in fact, they have never stopped. They attack, they take the first shot - then they play the victim and scream bloody murder when their target responds in a negative (or likewise violent) way. THEN, the beasts who made the initial attack use the RESPONSE they get in order to try and prove that they are being attacked and thus have a right to go to all out war. This is how their sick little diseased minds work. This is how they think, this is how they behave, whether on a small scale (mocking a common target in social groups) or a grand show of power on the largest scale possible - war with other nations. Know them by their fruits - they attack, then they use the negative response they get in order to play the victim and justify an even worse attack. This absolutely MUST be the last generation that can ever get away with such a thing. NO ONE in the civilized world should tolerate any more of this.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not defending Kim Jong-un. He is a terrible excuse for a human being. He's a monster. But making a preemptive strike on anyone is an act of war, in fact, it is meant to INITIATE WAR! This is what the US is doing - AGAIN! We can't have this anymore. We can't allow it to continue. Enough is enough. If the citizens of America don't stand up against this kind of thing, eventually the other nations will - they will all join together to destroy us and, by doing so, take their freedom back - by force. I don't want to see the end of the United States of America, but ANY nation that abuses its power to such an extent, attacking other nations and then using the negative response they get to justify a further attack.......all nations who behave in this manner are eventually destroyed. This is where the savage and stupid war mongers among us are leading us.

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13th April 2017

2:24pm: Female, black and Muslim - everything that the right-wing savages hate. And she was a judge nonetheless. Well, her body was found in the Hudson River. Don't believe them when they try to blame this on suicide.

(spank me)

1:47pm: "...someone as despicable as Hitler who didn't even sink to the...to using chemical weapons..."  - Sean Spicer

Liar. Hitler did use chemicals weapons. WTF do you think he used to GAS all of those Jewish people to death with? ROSE DUST?????? See, this sickening little beastie is only repeating the ideologies of his own kind - people who want to tone down the reality of the holocaust, denying that it was as severe as it actually was - or worse - denying it outright. And little by little we see more of this spilling out from their thin, crooked, wiry lips.

Later this sickening little pigsnot apologized, saying that he is sorry for being insensitive. INSENSITIVE!!!!!! Because that's ALL it was? INSENSITIVE! No, the issue is that it was an outright LIE. THAT was the issue.

He went even further to try and clarify himself, claiming that he was referring to the "use" of such weapons, that Hitler didn't drop it on his own people in that manner.

Oh, ok....but here we see the typical white, christian republican mentality - slaughtering millions of men, women and children is fine as long as it's done behind closed doors where no one can see, and one's own people aren't harmed by it. But killing 40 people out in the open is just wrong!


(spank me)

1:33pm: And what about civilians? Ah, but the right-wing murderers who voted in this despicable pigshit government care nothing about human life unless that life is still a fetus. Oh, and only if that fetus belongs to white American christians. Then, suddenly all-life matters (except the life of the mother). But when it comes to the men, women, children and fetuses in other nations.....bomb away. SICKING animals, these right-wing republican christians. All who voted in this regime are sickening, vile murderers. They knew he would kill people. They voted for him anyway. They are as guilty as their chosen politicians.

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11th April 2017

5:21pm: Despite Trump's clear disdain for women, he took his daughter Ivanka to the white house and made her something as close to "first lady" as they get get in this kind of bizarre situation.

It now makes sense.

Eric Trump is now blaming Ivanka for the bombing of Syria. He claimed that she told Trump to do it. Now obviously this is bullshit, even if only for ONE fact - that Trump would never let a woman tell him what to do. (obviously there are more reasons but only this one need be pointed out - the possibility ends right there)

So it now becomes clear as to why Ivanka is there - to be blamed if something goes wrong. She is there to be used as a scapegoat, just as her husband Kushner has been the scapegoat for Bannon's failure. Women and Jews....the forever scapegoat of (certain) white males.

And in the end, it is no one's fault but those who allow it. Ivanka should never have allowed herself to be used this way. She should not have gone to the white house with her father, she should not have taken any positions of power that he gave to her and she should not even have been present in his physical location. She allowed herself to be set up as a perfect scapegoat for everything that goes wrong. Kushner, as a Jewish man, did the same. Both are morons. Even if they don't care about their own integrity being damaged, they have allowed two mentally unstable white males to avoid all responsibility for their own actions. THIS is a dangerous situation and it's damn time we start holding accountable those who allow such things to take place. When the adults allow the children to run the show, chaos will ensue. And whose fault is it? 

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10th April 2017


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9th April 2017


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8th April 2017

1:28pm: Found a Great Video - chin up!

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6th April 2017

11:55am: Bannon was removed from a high position and, as expected, the white supremacist beasts are blaming everyone but him and his vile ideologies. Instead, they first tried to blame a woman. Next they all out blamed a Jew. White supremacists yet again blaming all their problems on their favorite scapegoats - women and jews. How pathetic.

Now don't get me wrong, Kusher is NOT a good person. But he's still not the reason Bannon was chucked. Bannon was "removed" from his position because he's a vile, sociopathic monster.

Despite all of this, never assume that Bannon is gone. He's still there in white white house pulling the strings. He isn't going anywhere.

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5th April 2017


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4th April 2017


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25th March 2017


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6:04pm: The sign on the gate to Auschwitz, translated into Enlglish, reads, "Work sets you free." A reminder to those who were being forced into slave labor that they would be shown no mercy by their captors, who praised hard work to the point of slave labor, as long as it was someone else's hard work and someone else's labor.

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