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27th July 2017


So when will she start taking it seriously and actually speak out? When gays are once again denied entrance to the military? When women are once again denied? How about when other groups are chosen as targets, and thus labeled "mentally ill" or given any other negative label that will lead to a justification to take away their rights and freedoms, because we ALL know that, in the end, this does NOT stop at military service! This is the same tactic used by the nazis against the Jews, the slave traders against blacks AND their own white women...... on and on.....assassinating their character by deeming them mentally unfit, and then using that to take away their rights, freedoms and in many cases to end their lives. When in reality the true mentally unstable creatures are the ones accusing everyone else of being mentally unstable.

This is NOT about one particular group being unfit to serve, it is about a particularly primitive and animalistic group of barbarians who can only ever act on primal instinct, attacking the latest target group. We've moved from gays, to women, now to trans.....who will they choose as their next "enemy" and thus attempt to destroy? THAT is the question AND the problem.

I'm getting sick of this useless bitch.

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2:46pm: Many protestants are good, decent people who just try to do right by God, and don't actually harm anyone. This rant is NOT about them. That being said.....

All protestants who support divorce and remarriage, yet point their finger in condemnation of gays and transpeople, are mentally ill. Here's why.

Divorce+remarriage was the ONLY sexual sin that Jesus spoke out against. In fact, he made very clear just how terrible a sin this is, by telling men that it would be better for them to cut off their cock than to do it! He also said:

"If a man divorces his wife, unless she has been unfaithful, he causes her to commit adultery. And anyone who marries a divorced woman also commits adultery." - Matthew 5:32

That said, the protestants who continue to point their finger at others, condemning what they see as sexual sin, yet support and condone the ONLY sexual sin that Jesus actually spoke out against, are clearly either lying whores of satan who care nothing about God, but simply use God and religion as a means of controlling others - OR - they are too God forsaken stupid to understand their own hypocrisy, they are incapable of honest reasoning, or honesty in general. And being INCAPABLE of honesty IS a mental disorder. In this case, the extent of their deceitfulness is so immense that they become anti-Christ in nature, claiming with their lips to worship Christ, yet arguing against His word, while replacing it with their own. And given that he was the "Word made Flesh," to deny His Word is to deny HIM. Anyone who is TRULY so incapable of self honesty, and so fully inclined to deceive, to the point where they deceive even themselves, is honest to God mentally ill and not fit to have weapons or power. And God forbid both at the same time!

Trump's marriage to Melania is not valid. They should not be considered a married couple.

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10:57am: Sexual predators = rapists, especially pedos who rape/molest children. This is almost always limited to straight and gay cis men, sometimes being condoned by straight cis women who want approval from men and therefore will go along with any abuse committed (even against children) in order to maintain that approval.
Transmen/women have some of the lowest crime rates when it comes to sexual assault.

Sexual misconduct, or behavior that leads to destruction and DISORDER, which should be seen not only as a mental disorder, but a physical disorder if people can't control their physical behavior = to knowingly risk the spread of disease through unsafe sexual practices, including promiscuity.  In fact, many will so VIOLENTLY defend their right to "fuck without regard to the consequnces" that they will attack anyone who challenges their selfish ways! I learend this lesson first hand, as I found out years ago what happens when you try to get selfish animals to understand (and CARE) that their actions have consequences and that maybe they should rethink their actions. They attack. Like wild and rabid animals they attack. It's actually quite frightening.

Both gays and straights do this, with straight men, past and present, known to transmit disease to their wives and children, or who just want to fuck, one women after another, despite the risk of disease - and straight women giving themselves up to these selfish males without even considering the consequences to their lives or the lives of their future children. And then there are the gay men who KNOW the risk of having multiple partners yet take the risk anyway - and FUCKING BRAG ABOUT IT, and the absolute worst of all - certain HIV negative gay (cis) men who want to be infected, and thus go out looking for "gift givers" - HIV positive men to be infected by.

And yet there are people from ALL of these groups that will unite against the TRANS community? HERE WE GO AGAIN! The barbarians are literally at it again!

No, no no....this is NOT about health, this sick and stupid nation cares nothing about health, physical or mental - they will all gang up on a scapegoat, this time using "health" as an excuse, thus giving themselves something to bond together against - as well as to create a diversion from their own sick, filthy and destructive lifestyles.

Fuck them all. We need Vatican I back and EVERYONE can lose their fucking freedom. EVERYONE! Let the fires of DAMNATION rain down on this wicked nation, and let not the sinner avoid his own sin by pointing his finger at another. Should everyone, including liberals, move as far to the right as possible? These sick, stupid and savage animals, these cockucked conservatives have YET AGAIN chosen a scapegoat to attack, LYING with hypocritical accusations against their target group, when in fact they personally have done worse than anyone in said target group ever has or ever could do - and all while they demand that their own sins be allowed, ignored and even accepted. Divorce and remrriage? NO, you fucking cunts, I won't just accept your filthy sin! Won't someone please think of the CHILDREN!?

But watch how these hypocrites play the victim if you suggest that THEY should not engage in certain actions that, while enjoyable, can cause harm. They will bitch and moan and scream about their OWN freedom being taken away! And watch how they rant and rave about their right to insult people, when in reality we are not simply talking about INSULTING people, but instead about taking away the rights and freedoms of entire groups of people, and basing that judgment on hypocritical and deceitful accusations that deem said target group as being somehow worse than others. NO ONE should have the religious freedom to try and destroy someone's life by character assassination because that person does not comply with certain religious dogmas! HOW many groups has this beast already deemed mentally ill, and thus unworthy of the same freedoms as others? Well, gays, for one. This was used against them not too long ago. And blacks. And all women. The list goes on. This is the WORST form of character assassination because it is being done through the mental health field, with "doctors" who are no more reasonable today than they were a couple hundred years ago when they would hang people over a snake pit in order to cure mental disorder, too stupid to understand that, out of fear of this abuse, people would simply work harder to HIDE their disorder.

Enough is eough. The hypocrites must be brought to justice. ALL who have committed sexual sin must be held accountable for it, THIS will be the consequence of these hypocrites pulling this garbage YET AGAIN - CHOOSING YET ONE MORE FUCKING GROUP TO SCAPEGOAT as a diversion from their own fuckuing sins. NO FUCKING MORE! So a straight man wants to cheat on his wife, risk bringing disease to her and their children, but he will condemn TRANSPEOPLE who aren't hurting anyone???? Or a gay man wants to engage in massive orgies, spreading the risk of disease from one end of the earth to the other (oooops, already been done) yet he's going to join in the fight against TRANSPEOPLE?????? OK then, EVERYONE loses their fucking freedom. This is the last FUCKING straw.

No, we can't live this way any longer. It's time for the entire hammer of the church to smash down on this nation once and for all. Let this be the LAST time the hypocrites will EVER get away with their hypocrisy!

So what would the world look like if our gay catholic charlatan were to get his way?

* The only people able to enjoy sex would be gay men, as they could fuck at night, repent in the morning and lose nothing because of it. While the current church does not condone homosexuality, sodomy laws are not enactd, gays will not be excommunicated. So they can have their fun, while still being accepted as part of the body of Christ - so long as they repent - and keep repenting - rinse and repeat. They can use condoms to prevent the spread of disease (which most won't use anyway), they can't reproduce, which means they will have NO real responsibility that comes from their sexual misconduct, and, even if gays are looked down on in society, they can still walk freely among men by acting straight. This is the only group that will benefit.

* Lesbians won't have the freedom to engage in homosexual activity, as it would only be legal for gays. Pay attetion to the wording. The word "gays" usually refers to gay males, not lesbians, so by using this word, when demanding freedom to fuck, the charlatan insures that only gay males will have the freedom to engage in homosexual activity, lesbians will not. Of course, lesbians could still fuck behind closed doors, but they would be breaking the law. And no one can mention this, or try to include lesbians in the wording, without being called radical feminists or SJWs. Yup. :)

* Heterosexuals who want to enjoy sex will not be able to, as birth control will not be allowed, and that includes the use of condoms. This means that, if heteros try and have some fun, they will most likely reproduce, whether or not they can afford children or are ready for the responsibility. Not even married people will be allowed to plan their family so that they don't have more children than they can afford. The'll either bring lots of children into poverty, or they won't be able to have a sexual relationship - it will be a "dry" marriage. And when it comes to the spread of disease, remember folks, the lives of gay men are far more important than the lives of straight men/women and the children produced by straight men and women. This is why gay males are allowed to use condoms to help prevent the spread of disease, but straights are not. Yes, gay males are more likely to gt and spread disease, but that doesn't mean straight people are immune. If a straight man cheats on his breeder wife he can just bring her back a disease, which she can then pass on to her children. Oh, and closeted gay men can just get married, father children with a good Catholic women, fuck other men on the side, go home to his wife, spread disease to her and their children.......

While I do like this current Pope, and agree with him on most issues, his "empathy" has backfired. And no one expected it to. And this is a hard pill to swallow.

We were all liberal. Most of us supported the right of christians to divorce and to be remarried, we just didn't CARE what they did in their personal lives. THEY were the ones pointing the finger at others, not the other ay around. And we supported the gay community before the "T" was even added to it. We spent time, energy and even money supporting gay men in their struggle for acceptance, and even their right to life. Most of us still DO, in reality, support their right to life - just as everyone should have that right, whether or not their lifestyle conforms to a certain set of religious beliefs. But none of us expected this to happen. None of us assumed that, when they were finally freed of the persecution they suffered under the religious right, they would turn on us, pointing their own finger in persecution, just as was once done to them. We stood with them against the hypocrites on the right who railed against the sin of homosexuality, when these same hypocrites commited their own sins, such as divorce and remarriage. None of us anticipated that one day we would have to stand against those very same gay men, who now freeely engage in their own sexual debauchery, as they point their finger at transpeople in condemnation.

This always happens. It isn't about gender or sexuality. This is human nature. You have a group that is being crushed, attacked, run out of society and even killed off (denial of medical help) by the barbarian masses who need a target to attack - and any decent, humane person will defend this group. And so it goes on for years, until the group is able to throw off the shackles of persecution and finally live freely. But another group must be chosen to take their place.

So then.......... they turn againt another group, they begin to wave their own "finger of judgmnent" in the face of others, and do so in as hypocritical a way as those who once did such to them. They attack others as they were once attacked, and even dig their claws into their former allies, those who stood by them, and supported them when they were being attacked.

The next group has been chosen. Sorry to the transgender population. This WILL pass, but.......who will YOU choose when another must take your place as the new scapegoat? Maybe fatties, hmmmmm?

Supporting the underdog makes us all feel good, doesn't it? Nice and tingly. Until that dog gets up, rips our face off and shits in the hole that used to be our mouth.

I hate where I am. I'm losing the last bit of empathy I have and am trying desperately to hold onto it for as long as possible.

Obviously, this rant was not about the gay community in general, as the number of gay men who behave in the above-mentiond way is still pretty small. It just shocks me, literally jolts me to the core, when ANYONE behaves in this manner.

I need a break. I need to collect myself, try and regain what little compassion I can....I don't want to become the very monster that I have always fought against.

When I come back, we will see if I have managed to regain my liberal decency, or.....will the massive shitstorm that was Vatican I have a new ally.

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9:56am: Who will be chosen as the new "attack dummy" after the trans community has been destroyed? It's hard to speculate because, really, it could be anyone. Over anything. Barbarians are easy to understand in that they act on animal instinct, and thus it is usually possible to know what they'll do if we learn about animal behavior, herd mentality and so on.

The best groups to use as scapegoats are those who truly can be put in damned either situations, where no matter what they say or do, the barbarians can use such against them. This is what makes the trans community a particularly good choice for scapegoating as an attack dummy. While there are obvious natural differences between the genders, man has created extra, unnatural gender roles that he calls natural and God given. Like the Pharisees, he creates more and more rules that God never gave, yet he personally doesn't even follow what God actually said. So both boys and girls are shoved into a tiny box, expected to fit and forbidden from complaining. If they can't fit, they are chastised, ridiculed and even physically attacked. In many cases they are so despised by the unthinking and unreasoning masses who have been worked up against them that it becomes an ordeal to simply try and live one's daily life and face the world, given the damage that can be done to them, DAILY, by rabid animals who are looking for a fight and latch on to any target group they can. If a man just can't fit the image that the animals have created for manhood, or if a woman can't fit the image that the selfish beasts demand women be, both are hated. They won't smply be left alone, as the animals see them as being the "other," not accepted among the pack and therefore, said animals have a primal and uncontrollable desire to attack. The man will be ridiculed, possibly pushed out of society, even physically beaten. The woman will be utterly despised for not living up to the image set by the selfish beasts, her life will be laid waste to and even she can be physically attacked. And of course now we have savage, sick and perverse animals putting even more pressure on both sides. Certain primates in human flesh have "altered" the "macho" requirements for men, making it impossible for some men to even be looked on as a real man, as now, if you don't spit on a woman, or allow a man to spit on your own sister, you're deemed a mangina. It's the typical reversal that takes place in a filthy, Godless society - where good is made to look evil and evil good. In this case, real men (who would never do or tolerate such) are made to look weak, while the pathetic, cowardly and savage barbarians who would attack an easy target are presented as the epitome of manhood. And of course we have the savage, sick and destructive animals who put more and more pressue on women, demonizing, shunning, and waging a political war gainst any and all women who aren't "hot," with giant breasts and tiny waists, as thin as toothpicks and as quiet as a mouse. Of course, the worst of these is gay and thus has no natural attraction to women, and would most likely love to see women and girls destroy themselves in order o fit an image that isn't physically possible.

And SO we have more and more men and women trying to get out of this somehow, to just FUCKING be allowed to live in society in peace. They believe that if they can't fit the gender that they were born as, they may as well transition. And then, of course, they are condemned even more for THAT, by the very SICKENING and perverse beasts who then put even STRICKER demands on each gender, and create even more impossible gender roles, while condemning transgender people - just to get a negative response by placing people in situations that they KNOW those people can't survive in. But in the end, the charlatans who are simply trying to agitate are actually working up the masses to the point where they, the masses, are acting on these things, actually attacking the people that the charlatan attacks. While HE claims he is just joking, he is a liar who instead is working up the masses to the point of rage, and they are going out and attacking, from minor mistreatment of those whose appaerance they dislike, to all out attacks on their lives.

In the end these scapegoats (men and women alike) are simply trying to get through their lives in any manner they can, to simply be allowed to LIVE in peace, but the animals will not allow it, when they attack it's like being torn to shreds from all sides - and so these poor men and women begin fighting back, swinging back, and even have breakdowns where they swing at and punch the air, which of course then leads the animals, who literally attacked these people to the point of breakdown, to suggest that these individuals clearly have a mental disorder. The animals then play the victim - because they got a negative reponse to their horrific treatment of others! They can't even comprehend what a self-fulfilled expectation is! This makes them particularly destructive, as they bait and instigate people into fighting back, only to them play the victim of the people THEY initially attacked!

Folks, we can NOT live like this any longer. Society can NOT have this burnden for another century. Savage, sadistic and mindless beasts such as the barbarians should NOT be allowed to live among civilized people! If we don't do something soon, this will never end.

So we have yet another group that is put in a damned either way situation. Now the sick and perverse barbarians do this so that they will always have a fight. By creating a damned either way stuation for people, they insure that there will always be conflict. But the charlatans do this for money, power......control over the masses. It makes them feel good to see how easy it is to control the mindless masses, to work someone up against a target group and watch them attack that group.

So what group will be next? Any guesses?

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26th July 2017

9:53pm: "Transgenders are mentally ill, like bulimics and anorexics, and therefore should not be allowed in the military." - random commenter

So should bulimics and anorexics ALSO be refused entry to the military? Fucking hypocrite. And see, military service is seen as something that should give those who have served higher standing in society - because they literally fought for the nation. The fact that women, until recently, did not enlist was used an excuse by men to justify why women should simply be grateful and submit, since men fought for their freedom while women stayed at home and therefore.....this society belongs to men, not women - and women don't deserve their freedom. See, taking away a person's right to do "something" that is considered valuable in society will eventually lead to that person being thought of as less - and even denied certain rights that are granted to those who did that "thing," whatever it may be. And this is yet another tactic of the savage and stupid barbarians, putting entire groups of people in this situation. It must not be allowed to continue.

The commenter mentioned above was quoting the charlatan, at least the part about transgender people being mentally ill like anorexics - and then the commenter took it even farther.....suggesting that a certain MAJOR right be taken away because of this supposed mental illness.

Our dear, scheming charlatan gave the animals the enemy that they were looking for - even though he had to create that enemy by scapegoating a random group of people. By doing this he metaphorically threw raw meat to a pack of mindless, RABID and starving beasts - and now the beasts attack. And where is out dear Puppet Master? He has lost control of his trained beasts.

It's done. The little animals have settled on a new target group to unite together against. And the target is................the transgender population. Understand, this actually has nothing to do wth transpeople. It is simply the nature of the beast - the barbarians NEED someone to attack, a common "enemy" to rally together against. This is how animals bond - against a common enemy. Therefore there must ALWAYS be a group chosen for this purpose. The animals must always have an enemy - even if one must be created. They need blood and therefore need a reason to attack.

So Trump has decided that trans people should no longer be allowed to serve in the military due to the medical costs of treating them, as well as that they would somehow prevent victory in battle?

So first of all, the idea that transgender people have higher medical bills is a lie. Occasionally you might have one or two who end up having full (and expensive surgeries) but in most cases, transmen/women don't cost more to care for than biological males and females. In fact, one year of HIV treatment for a gay CIS man will cost more than the medical care needed by a transperon over the course of YEARS.

Plus, you will find, among ALL groups of people, those who end up costing more. Not all people who drink alcohol have high medical bills because of it, but some do. Should we thus ban all people who drink alcohol?

In fact, if we're going to oust people due to their medical bills being too expenive, the first to go should be those who drink too much alcohol, as they are a danger not only to themselves but to others - and the medical bills that result are exorbitant. Or people who are exceedingly promiscuous, as they end up getting and spreading disease, costing the tax payers billions. But these selfish and out of control creatures aren't being targeted, because in the end this is NOT about cost of healthcare OR mental health, though both are being used as an excuse to target the trans community.

In the end, this accusation will cause more harm than simply denial of military service. This will be used to justify denying medical insurance/healthcare to trans people, and worse, as they quickly become the new scapegoat for all the problems in the world, including the high cost of healthcare. Let's count - how many groups have been used as scapegoats now by the barbarians??????? And how many more will be chosen if these animals are allowed to stay in power?

The fact that no one else is being targeted, despite the threat to public health and safety, as well as the financial burden of their medical expenses, shows that this has NOTHING to do with transgender people costing too much to care for medically, nor with any mental condition they might have. This is simply the barbarians doing what they have always done - choosing a target and attacking that target without thinking, without reasoning and without ANY awareness of their absolute hypocrisy or the primal instinct that drives them. This is nothing more than animals indulging their primal need to gather in a herd and attack and destroy. Beasts who can't seem to do anything but follow along with the pack, attacking anyone the pack attacks, and doing so without even CONSIDERING what they're doing, or why, not only should be kept away from weapons and power, but should be stripped of all human freedoms in society.

And in the end, after attacking, and attacking and attacking, taking medical care away, taking jobs away, threatening to take even the most basic freedoms away, they then use the large numbers of depression and high suicide rate among the trans community to justify why they are clearly mentally ill and unfit to serve in the military. They do this despite the obvious, that ANY group that is treated in this manner will have a higher rates of both depression and suicide! For FUCK sake! Do you need even ONE FUCKING BRAIN CELL to comprehend this?

Folks, this barbarian horde is the SICKEST and most perverse group of animals you will ever encounter - the nazis were on this level. They literally bait for a response just so that they can condemn people for the response. When they decide to stick someone with a certain negative label, they will then do all they can to make sure that the person ends up fitting the label. In the nazi concentration camps they would deny food and clean water to the point where the Jews were starving to death. Literally. Then, when some Jews stole food (usually small peices of bread), the nazis would use that to further condemn them as the typical "thieves" that they all expected Jews to be. Or the American slave traders - we all know of the horrific abuses of the slaves, yet the the white, slave owning "doctors" deemed it a mental disorder for slaves to run away, to which the cure was cutting off their toes. Folks, you can not get any SICKER and more depraved than thse VILE and UNHUMAN monsters in human flesh - even calling them animals is an insult to animals. They have NOT changed. What was suppressed is beginning to emerge and God help us all, let this be the LAST time they will ever have the power to act on their sick, depraved and bloodthirsty nature.

Barbarians who decide that others are less mentally fit than they are, and then use that to justify mercilessly attacking those people, driving their targets to the breaking point - only to then use the rightful upset of their targets to prove that said targets are mentally ill, thus creating for themselves a self-fulfilled prophesy, deserve to be stripped of every God damn freedom they've ever fucking had, thrown in cages and left to feed on their own fucking SHIT for the rest of their miserable days. They should have fewer rights than common hogs. THIS is how the barbarians behave, this is how these sickening and vile beasts have ALWAYS behaved. There is nothing worse in all of existence - they MUST be removed from power. NOW! And they certainly shouldn't have MILITARY power!

What's frightening is that so many barbarians are now claiming that transgenders should be kept out of the military due not only to mental illness, but to high rates of depression and suicide, two things that these barbarians do everything in their power to create even more of in whatever population they have chosen to attack! This garbage was started by one person, one WHORE of a gay male who himself is a walking shithole of mental illness and filthy behavior. He started this, turned the attack FULLY onto the trans community, while trying to deflect from the problems in the gay community. Brilliant. And I know that this was achieved through his influence, as the mindless echo chamber of barbarians continue to repeat his words. That is all they CAN do, repeat what they hear and use it to justify attacking yet another group of people - unfairly and hypocritically. They are simply mindless animals being used as weapons against others. And that's all they'll ever be.

And so now we have innocent people who could lose more than their right to join the military. Once people are deemed mentally ill, anything can be taken from them. The comments proved that, as so many of the mindless barbarians were repeating the shitspew propaganda that completely demonizes the trans community and lessens their worth as humans to nothing. It further paints them as being so completely disturbed that they are barely functional. This is what is being used to justify refusing them the right to join the military. But these accusations are so serious - the trans community will end up, little by little, losing a lot more than that. And the sick and vile barbarians who are doing this will continue to demand their own freedom, which they DO NOT DESERVE! If ANYONE should lose their freedom, and be kept away from weapons, it's the mindless barbarians who can't think, can't reason, are too God damn stupid to see their own hypocrisy and are SUCH primitive animals that they (in thier sunhuman nature) can be manipulated into attacking ANYONE. Should THIS garbage be allowed in the military???????? These attacks on random groups of people will not end until the barbarians are completely out of power.

And I have to wonder how bad this must get before the charlatan is finished, before he decides that he has conned enough money out of the barbarians, he need not continue - given the damage he is doing. And make no mistake, this is his work, his damage - he did this simply by leading the animals to attack. Never underestimate a charlatan of this caliber. He is no fool. He knows that he doesn't have to tell people to "go out and attack" a specific target in order to cause them to attack the target. He, like all intelligent humans, understands that by demonizing a group of people, turning them into the enemy, blaming them for numerous major problems in the world, will in the end work the masses up into such a frenzy that they begin lashing out at the target group. Make no mistake, while the barbarians are simply mindless animals who don't understand what they're doing, the charlatan has full understnding of EVERYTHING. Now we'll see if, at any point, he will develope a conscience.

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25th July 2017

12:29pm: In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with GOD, and the WORD WAS GOD.....

We know them by their fruits, the liars and manipulators. They claim to do what they do through good intentions, yet they lie, manipulate, deceive in as many ways as they possibly can. They hurt people, they kill people, and they lie some more to justify such. This is NOT what Jesus did. It is NOT what He said to do. Know them by their fruits. The wolves in sheep's clothing have always been here. They will be here until the end.

So yet again we have Christians suing for their right to lie - to pretend to be something that they're not in order to maipulate people into accepting their own ideologies, based on lies, dogma, propaganda....ANYTHING but fact based evidence - anything but the truth. They do this with religion all the time, pretending to be one thing when they are another. This is how they (almost always protestant) try and weasel their way into the Jewish world - they put on the garb, talk the talk, draw people in that way, pretending to be Jewish - even setting up shop in an area around other jewish shops, trying to include themselves among the people - and then they begin presenting dogma and ideals that are not Jewish, not even close - yet they find some way to twist facts, and words, to make it seem perfectly legit - and so little by little they attempt to chip away at actual Jewish teaching and replace it with their own dogma. But it's more than that. It's Conquest. The Jewish people are not just connected by religion, they are a very specific race, connected like any other race by genetics. It's an entire CULTURE that the barbarians are trying to include themselves among and eventually overthrow - and take over.

They've done this to their own European relatives as well, with very few European tribes able to salvage ANY of their original teachings, or the actual teachings of their ancestors. It's cultural genocide. And of course, those on the secular left do it as well. This behavior isn't limited to political affiliation or a certain religion. Example, you can have someone with no genetic connection to the Arab people or to Islam who then converts to Islam.....after which he/she begins speaking with an Arab accent and taking on other forms of middl-eastern culture, even though race, religion and culture are very different things, this dumb creature is trying to include himself/herself in someone else's culture - by way of infiltration. It's insane. A wolf in sheep's clothing. All of them. It's like they have an instinctive drive to infiltrate like vermin, destroy and ultimately, like parasites, replace the old, as they then stand firm and enjoy their conquest. It's sickening, perverse.....these are the offspring of the barbarians. You'll know them by their fruits.

Interesting that these are the same hypocrites who are against the transgender community - for supposedly pretending to be what they're not. Very interesting.

So the fact that they would set up "fake pregnancy crises clinics" is no surprise.

In the end, women will die or be arrested. The reason? The same people who want to outlaw abortion (or EVEN the morning after pill ro PREVENT pregnancy) also want to cut aid to the poor, including healthcare, food, shelter, education and even clean water, shame those who even seek out public aid, and deny medical care to women, and that includes pregnant women. So a woman (or worse, a girl) becomes pregnant, she's too poor to afford medical care, the baby is born ill, or dies, and the WOMAN is arrested. These republican beasts only care about the life of the fetus until it is born - then, as soon as THEY are expected to part with a dirty penny to help that child, they refuse, play the victim, and deny any and all responsibility, by law of man OR of God. So long as the sacrifice and suffering is on someone else, particularly a woman, the beasts care nothing. In fact, they are so saditic they enjoy it. But if a hair on the head of a white republican christian male is harmed, all hell breaks loose.

Keep in mind, before Obamacare, health insurance for women could be over $300 a month, even if they were healthy. And that does NOT include prenatal care or delivery costs. To include pregnancy coverage, it would be an extra 500-700 a month.

THIS is a nation run by witless, unthinking, unreasoning barbarians who should NEVER have been allowed any amount of power. Let this era pass quickly so that we, as well as the rest of the world, can move forward.

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12:12pm: More shitty antics from the GOPee

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24th July 2017

1:10pm: Immunotherapy Cancer Drug Darkens Grey Hair
This could be the greatest discovery since.......ever.....the greatest discovery ever.

A new immotherapy drug for cancer has been found to darken grey hair. The reason is yet unknown, but what if it has something to do with reversing aging? I mean, they could have found a two-for-one hit here, cure cancer AND stop aging at the same time! This needs to be studied a lot more. Hopefully more funding will be given to those who wish to take this to the next level.

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12:45pm: Funny skit showing how the republicans do and say the opposite of the very God they claim to follow. Well, it's funny in a defeatist kinf of way, since it's playing out in real life. Actually, this is really sad - because it's true.

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23rd July 2017

3:55pm: What if...
What if a group of straight homophobes went on an absolute witch hunt against gay men? OK, so this has happened in the past, but most people today don't even remember what such a thng entails!

What if these homophobes decided that gay men are a danger to society, a threat to children (and to humanity in general), mentally disordered and therefore unable to be productive members of society, at odds with (and therefore against) the dominant religion and, for that reason, evil? What if they then used all of this as an excuse to try and oust gays from society, to work up the masses against them to the point where, if a man could not hide his identity, it would become unbearable simply to walk outside of his home, let alone go out and work every day. And of course, the notion that gay men pose a danger to boys and therefore should not be allowed in the bathroom would mean that the simple act of taking a piss would become an ordeal if he could not hide his sexual identity. Worse still, the homophobes then begin giving advice on how to tell if a man is gay, what to look for and so on.

How bad do you think such a thing could become? How many men would be run out of society, killed or even commit suicide? Many.

Of course, this behavior is not tolerated today as gay men are now protected by political correctness and accepted on both sides of the political/religious spectrum. That's not to say that there isn't still hatred toward gays and lesbians - there is. And in certain situations that hatred can prove deadly, for example if they're denied medical care. But cases like that are rare, as gays can hide their sexuality, at least temporarily, if need be.

The above-example is no longer something gays have to worry about - usually. Now, transgender individuals take their place. All of the above-mentioned treatment is being dished out to the trans community - to such an extent that it's becoming quite frightening. It's always a bit chilling when the masses choose another "enemy" to gather together against. This rabid herd of unthinking, unreasoning beasts is incapable of civility, and known to attack at the drop of a hat any person (or group) that has been targeted. Sadder still is that the absolute worst of this treatment was kicked off by a gay man. That in itself makes it especially deplorable. 

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12:05pm: Cop Caught Planting Drugs

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22nd July 2017


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12:14pm: GOP cuts funding to programs that were meant to reduce teen pregnancies. These programs, of course, were set up to educate teens on the scienific FACTS regarding pregnancies, STDs and so on. This will all be replaced by "abstinence only" education, which has been shown to fail.

As always, expect the barbarians to do everything they possibly can to bring about the exact opposite of what they CLAIM to want. Thus creating a constant "battle" to fight against, thereby satiating their lust for conflict and suffering.

And something tells me that a certain openly gay catholic man would approve of this new cut to prevent teen pregnancies, while still having his fun engaing in all the unhealthy sex he can with other males - after all - he will have NO responsibility come from it. This is almost why, as much as I adore Pope Francis and agree with him on MANY issues, I'm starting to lean farther to the right, even entertaining the notion that it might have been better if the Vatican I were to return. Vatican II is certainly more accepting, as the whole point is to bring back to the "Church" those who have strayed, yet that acceptance has come at a price. We now have a truck load of hypocrites dumping onto the world all of their demands to be allowed the freedom to do s they please, while at the same time screaming at others, "Thou stalt not!"

Granted, it would be horrible, a woeful nightmare, to endure a reign by the former Catholic church, but at least we wouldn't have to deal with this new wave of hypocrisy coming from conservative gay males who demand their freedom to do whatever they want regardless of the consequences for themselves or others, while siding with every attempt made by the GOP to take away more rights and freedom (including sexual) from straight men and women - and women in particular.  Or from protestants who point their finger at gays and transgender people and scream "thou shalt not" yet personally condone and support their own sins, such as divorce and remarriage, something Jesus ACTUALLY SPOKE OUT AGAINST! Remember that GOD FORSAKEN hypocrite Kim Davis?

But on to the point.

If straight people shouldn't be allowed to use condoms, why should gay men be allwoed to use them? Yes, gay men are more at risk because they're more fucking promiscuous, yet when straight people contract diseases, their CHIDLREN are at risk! Why are the lives of straight men and women (and the children THEY PRODUCE) less valuable than the lives of gay males?

Now don't think I'm trying to devalue the worth of gay men. I am not. Their lives are as valuable as all others. That's the point. ALL lives matter (not just a chosen few or a specific group) and are thus worthy of proper treatment, and that includes intervention to prevent disease, poverty and suffering.

Keep in mind, I don't believe ANYONE should be denied the right to use protection during sex. It's not just about pregnancy, it prevents disease. Gays and straights should BOTH have that option, yet there are some conservative gays now who believe that only gay men should have that option. Yeah, I kid you the FUCK not. And in my opinion,  if one group DARE justify its own right to use protection during sex, while demanding that others abstain, well......then for all I fucking care we can go back to the days of religious freedom - when Christians had the right to DESTROY sin WHEREVER it may be found, where Catholics brought down the fires of HELL on gays, adulterers, adultresses and so on. Let them ALL lose their fucking freedom then. At this point I have no faith left in humanity. It seems IMPOSSIBLE for people to treat others they way they would want to be treated. A persecuted group rises above the persecution and comes out on top - only to turn around and persecute others. Fuck them then. I fully support the ENTIRE lgbt community, but I'll be damned if we come to a point in society where gay males can have all the protected sex they want, but a responsible married couple can't even use protection to prevent them from going into poverty from having more children than they can afford. HELL fucking no. Either we all have freedom, or none of us do. It's one or the other.

Sadly, because the creatures who behave in this manner, demanding their own rights and freedoms while denying others the same, all come from a tribe of unthinking, unreasoning barbarians, they can't understand why they would get a negative response! Even if we're talking about life saving "freedoms" that they would keep for themselves while denying to others, they honestly don't have the reasoning ability to understand why people will eventually REFUSE to tolerate this any longer. And so, if they're protestant they will scream persecution for their faith in Jesus, and if they're conservative gays (usually Catholic) they will condemn the lgbt community for turning on them for being white males. Both will be lies, as FUCKING usual, since the reason we begin to stand against them is due to their behavior, their treatment of other human beings, which is deplorable and they damn well know it. They are simply looking for conflict - and then they comaplain when they get exactly what they want. But expect NO amount of logic or reason from this tribe of barbarians. The Romans didn't, you shouldn't either. Learn from the mistakes of the "mother" of civilization, as she didn't understand until it was too late what happens when you allow barbarians (gay or straight) among you and give them ANY amount of power. It doesn't matter whether they're gay or straight - they will demand their rights, deny you yours, and then play the victim when you protest this GOD AWFUL set up.

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20th July 2017

5:11pm: When complaints are filed against cops but nothing is done, innocent people tend to die.

In reality, a lot of this comes down to poor training. Cops are taught to look at people, all people, as a possible threat - the enemy.

In the end, it might be best for foreigners in general to stay out of America for a while. It just isn't safe at the moment. Cops kill innocent people, yet when there's a real threat those same cops do nothing. American citizens thus must fear both the criminals AND the police.

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17th July 2017

6:46pm: OK, I assumed that all of these white republicans were simply mindless barbarians, yet this one seems to be quite clever. Using "obesity" as one of his many justifications to cut food stamps to poor children will in effect bring more people over to his side. The masses are so worked up over "fat people" now that in many cases it borders on hatred. All of the propaganda worked, the "just joking" eventually led to attempts to take healthcare away from people who became ill because of their own actions, and now it will be used to justify cutting aid to the poor. The republicans were always going to accept this, but the liberals needed a little push. Now, the "worked up masses" on the liberal left will also accept this, as King used their own hatred against a certain group of people in order soften them up to this new horrible agenda of his. Clever little barbarian.

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6:27pm: Saudi Arabia to Execute 14 Men for Protesting in Favor of Democracy
So why isn't the US standing against this abhorrent human rights abuse? Because money, that's why. Our president is bestest buddies with the wealthy Saudis. And because our government is against democracy, especially this newly elected republican government. In fact, I bet a good majority of those right-wing republicans are creaming themselves over this, wishing they could do it here.

And the sickening hypocrite (our president) who claims to stand against the violence of Islam (and the Islamic State), to the point of creating a ban on Muslims from certain (more extreme nations) has, in this case, claimed that it isn't our business to interfere with other governments/religions! YUP!

Now, I do agree that we should mind our own business in most cases - take care of our own home and stop dictating to the rest of the world. But you CAN NOT stand AGAINST so many nations, using "human rights violations" as an excuse, and then ignore even worse from a county....because that county is your partner in commerce!

A quote from Trump:

"We are not here to lecture, we are not here to tell other people how to live, what to do, who to be or how to worship. Instead we are here to offer partnership base don shared interests and values to pursue a better future for all of us." - Trump

SINCE WHEN? All these sickening monsters do is lecture, tell other people how to live, what to do, who to be and how to worship! They have deemed the "christian west" a bastion of light in a dark world and, based on that, justified their right to attack other nations, interfere with elections of others nations and even force religion on other nations! They go to war with other nations FOR THIS VERY REASON - That thy REFUSE to simply let others live in peace and rule their own way! They go to war with other nations, claiming to fight Isolamic radicals, yet when they encounter REAL radicals, they do nothing but stand by and let the slaughter happen. Now, when so much money is on the line, they don't want to break ties with the worst terrorist nation that has ever existed. THESE are the radical Muslims, they are literally going to EXECUTE people for attending a pro-democracy protest! But we're fighting who???????? Iran? A SHIA nation, when the majority of radicals (including the Islamic State) are Sunni/Wahabi and execute Shias?

We are literally being forced to watch our own freedom be crushed - in the name of freedom - our own democracy be destroyed, in the name of democracy - the very beasts who seek to destroy this nation, to take from us our freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to protest are instead pretending to be the saviors of of it, to uphold all of these values, while demonizing those of us who actually ARE fighting for freedom as being the enemy of it. It's sickening. They flip it on its head, the good are made to look evil and the evil good. They say "freedom" yet they do everything in their power to abolish the very thing they claim to stand for. And they demonize the crap out of anyone who stands against them - anyone who actually sees what's happening and is brave enough to speak out.

Anyone reading this who is slightly religious.....if it's this bad now, just imagine........

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14th July 2017

9:38pm: Success in our world is usually measured by popularity won and money earned. Fame and fortune. In reality, these are trivial and worthless things. Yes, in this world we need money to live, but that doesn't mean having more of it makes us a better person. It just makes life easier. Many western Christians are the absolute worst when it comes to judging a person's worth, as all they understand is what they see with their eyes - much of which can only be acquired with money - and lots of it. They forget Jesus. He was born poor, became a teacher, beloved by some and despised by others......he earned no money for his work, instead he was crucified. Things didn't go well for him in this world, yet most consider him to be a success.

Not all who succeed at their purpose in this world will be rewarded in this world, and many who have been rewarded in this world have failed....as human beings.

"He makes the sun sun rise on the evil and the good and sends rain on the just and the unjust." - Matthew 5:45

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2:33pm: The white race is dying, they say? OKIES, here's how to save it! {:o)
Degrade, devalue and demonize your own women as much as possible, blame them for all of your failures, while taking credit for any success of theirs, treat them with as much hypocrisy as you can stomach while accusing THEM of hypocrisy,  lie, manipulate, play mental games, allow other men to attack them and tell them, your women, that they should shut up and take it, throw garbage on them as you drive by and then tell them that they shouldn't complain, because at least you treat them better than Muslims would, project your own bad traits on them and then attack them for it, or better yet accuse them of doing to YOU what in reality you did to THEM, put them in damned either way situations until they want to shoot themselves in the head, and then call them hysterical and crazy for reacting badly.

Just joking. Obviously, you're not going to save your race that way. Common sense? Hmmmm? Maybe a little? Guys, anyone who tries to lead you AGAINST your own is your enemy and wants nothing good for you. He will pretend to be your friend, to be on your side, as he then tries to turn you against your own flesh and blood. He is not your friend, you FUCKING MORON!

Listen up guys. If you want to save your own kin, you need to take your life back from the slave masters. The slave masters know this and are doing everything they can to try and create a diversion so that instead of holding them accountable, you attack a false target. Now they have you attacking your own women. That will NOT save your race. And this applies to ANY race, not just the white race.

Now I am NOT saying that if a woman is treating you badly you should just take it, ignore it, excuse it and so on. All I am saying is that you shouldn't condemn your women UNFAIRLY. Make sense?

If you're a common laborer your work is absolutely necessary for society to continue, yet all of your suffering serves no purpose but to make the elite at the top even wealtheir; as you struggle to get by - they benefit from the fruits of your labor. And your wife? She's nothing more than cattle to the elite at the top. As the older laborers begin to die off, younger ones must take their place. All of her suffering as she brings children into this word is for no other reason than to create more slaves for the ruling elite. If the rulers can keep women pregnant and bearing children, they will always have "worker bees" to keep society running. They just don't want to fit the bill to take care of those worker bees, which is why they use them up and let them die off without healthcare or even clean water. Remember this always - none of you actually need the elite at the top. They are useless and worthless. YOU do the work. They don't. They sit back and benefit from the roads you build. They have no value for the lives of the offspring your women bear for them, though they could not live without the labor of said offspring. Hell, they have no value for the lives of your women, yet they could not live (literally) without their sacrifices in regard to bringing life into this world. The common workers, male and female, REGARDLESS OF RACE must stand TOGETHER against the ruling elite, take your lives back - reap the benefits of YOUR OWN hard work and stop sweating and crying, only to watch all of your efforts go to reward some rich, conservative elite who has done nothing, while you gain nothing.

To the men - do NOT do to your women what the ruling elite have done to you. Do not trivialize their hard work and suffering down to nothing and then use that to justify why they DESERVE nothing. Be honest or you will push them away - maybe for good. While their job is different than yours is has no less value. Remember that. Especially if you actually WANT them in the home as wives and mothers, it makes no sense to then degrade that role or use it against them. Kind of like the elite at the top degrade the role of the common worker, despite the fact that they NEED those common workers doing those "devalued" jobs just so that society can continue on. Use your brain.

To the women, whether or not you want to work outside the home or as a homemaker, either is fine.

But for those of you who have a negative opinion of the role of mother/homemaker......do NOT let the misogynistic barbarians convince you that being a wife, mother and homemaker is a bad thing. It isn't. You must understand the nature of the males who attempt to degrade this particular role.

The very men who claim to want women back in the kitchen will do everything they can to ensure that the very opposite will happen. Why? Because that's how they are in every situation, with every group of people "others" they come upon. They must fight. Therefore they must create something to fight over. And so they create impossible, damned either way situations that their target group simply can't go along with. This ensures the constant, never ending battle that they so thoroughly crave.

So in this case, when women are their current target group, they will first take one side, condemning women for not wanting to be wives and mothers, and for wanting to work outside the home. Then these same men will take the opposite approach and condemn women FOR BEING WIVES/MOTHERS AND WORKING AT HOME, and for needing to be supported by men!!!!!! Literally they claim to want women back in the kitchen, working at home (which obviously comes with no salary) and then they condemn women because they have to support them. TWISTED!

They will first attempt to trivialize a woman's work down to nothing, then they will hype up the work of men, claiming that because men built a house women have less value and should be submisive IN that house. This is why we now have more women in construction, so that they no longer have to deal with first being told that they're somehow "less" because they didn't do a specific job, and then to have that used against them in order to justify why they should submit.

Or the barbarians will devalue women who haven't paid as much in taxes as men, and then use that to justify why women are less worthy or contribute less to society. Obviously, a wife and mother who works at home for her family DOES have value, she is as worthy as a man - and in many ways works even harder, especially physically - especially if she's in a religious community and has MANY children, while at the same is time dealing with all the housework. But because her job doesn't pay, she obviously can't pay as much into the tax system. This does NOT mean she has less value in society. Life could not continue on without her sacrifices. But the barbarians want to demean everyone but themselves and their own, they want an excuse to rule and they ALWAYS need a fight. So they will put women (or whatever group they're attacking this time)  in damned either way situations. In this case, they will demand that women stay at home as a wife and mother, yet they will then condemn women who have done that, using numerous arguments against them - from "women don't pay as much taxes," as if that means women don't work as hard, to condemning women for not building homes and thus using that as an excuse to show how superior men are, to condemning women for needing to be supported. You name it. This then convinces women to leave the home, go to work for an ACTUAL SALARY, take on a job that might earn them at least SOME respect in this world and shake off the shackless of devaluation and submission by contributing to society in the way men normally would, as opposed to the manner in which women normally would - despite the fact that, in reality, both are equally imporant.  So now you see more women at a construction site than you do pregnant and in the kitchen. And this is entirely the fault of the barbarians who demeaned the role of women as wife, mother and homemaker to such an extent that women no longer want that role. This, sadly, started with the Abrahamic religions. And from the spiel that is being dumped on western society today by certain charlatans, that doesn't seem to have changed much.

Would a man like to hear, "YOU are not the one who carried this child for 9 whole months, who was torn open to bring this child into the world and who fed this child from your own body, therefore you have NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER over this child and whatever influence you want in this child's life, you must ASK me first and you damn well better show respect, because this child would not be here if it wasn't for MY hard work."

No, of course he wouldn't like that. And it certainly wouldn't be fair! Yet how many barbarians do this very thing to women when it comes to the fact that traditionally women weren't the ones to work in construction?

But here's the thing. It is only a certain type of male that behaves in this manner. He is heavily influenced by others, always looking to avoid responsibility for his actions and is in constant need of conflict. This makes him extremely vulnerable to the manipualtion of those who wish to destroy western society while claiming to want to save it. The charlatan looks like him, tells him what he wants to hear, absolves him of any responsibility for his own failures, blames those failures instead on a target group (in this case women) and then eggs him on, trying to get him to turn against said target group.

The charlatan will succeed. And when that "target group" is half your population, well....as western men begin to attack and destroy their own, those who would benefit from such sit back and enjoy.

Gentlemen, shut them out. Slam the fucking door in their God damned face and stop listening to the charlatans who try to turn you against your own, and denounce the barbarians among your own who are so easily manipulated by the charlatans. You know damn well that what I'm saying is true. Who has better intentions? Those who try to turn you against your own, or those who tell you to STOP ATTACKING YOUR OWN?

Ladies, you DO have value, even if you're not working on a construction site. Take womanhood and motherhood back from the savages who have demeaned and degraded this role! And if you have to turn away from the Abrahamic religions that have devalued a woman's role to the point of garbage, then turn away. Take back womanhood, take back motherhood. It is not a dirty thing, it doesn't make you "less" than a man. Carrying a child for months, bearing that child, feeding him/her from your own body, raising him/her, and all of your "unpaid" domestic work. You have value. Do NOT allow the animals to convince you that because you don't have an income or earn a salary you have less value in society. If you're a mother and housewife you work harder in today's society than many men do. Hell, just trying to cook dinner when you're 8 months pregnant, your back hurts, your feet hurt. YOU HAVE VALUE. Just because your job doesn't pay, doesn't mean you don't work. You have a different role in life than men but "different" doesn't mean less worthy.

Stop listening to the barbarians who are too stupid and witless to understand that they are doing everything in their power to HINDER the very results that they claim to desire, then blaming everyone but themselves for the fact that they're not getting their way. In reality, they don't WANT to get their way, because succeeding would mean they would have to find something else to fight over. They are just looking for a fight and are thus using you for that purpose. Like a petulant child they hit you, fully expecting a response, and then whine and bitch and moan because you responded, as if you were the one who picked a fight with them. It would be amusing if it weren't so fucking pathetic.

"Stop seeking work outside the home, don't go into construction, don't take any job that causes you to help physically build society. Stay at home and work for free as a homemaker. THIS is how you can be a good woman. And by the way, once you do that, you should be grateful to me and other men for building homes, physically building up society and paying taxes while you do none of those things - for this sake SUBMIT you ungrateful wench! After all, WHO built society?"

*bangs head on desk*

And finally, shut out the scheming manipulators who have everything to gain from the devaluation of western women - such as more men turning to other men for sexual satisfaction. {:o)

Just FYI - anyone who rants and raves about how badly Muslim men treat their women (which in certain parts of the middle-east is true) should look into how Hasidic Jewish women are expected to live. They are bred like cattle, one child after another, NO BREAK, NO MERCY, while doing all the housework and even working outside the home, as they are also expected to pay all the bills so that the men can study Torah all day. These women are literally bled dry, drained of life, they are worked to the bone, run ragged in their daily life.....they work harder in one day than their husbands will in a lifestime, yet get very little if any respect in return. Then a gay man will pick up a mop, pretend to sweep the floor for a minute and a half - and then go on and on about how easy it is to be a homemaker. Keep in mind, he has absolutely NO responsibility of his own, no children, certainly not a housefull to cook for while 8 months pregnant and ready to pop, with brats running around everywhere.....easy. Understand what I'm saying.

Look ladies, being a wife, mother and homekaer is a noble job. But you must choose your mate wisely. There are plenty of decent, civilized men in this world who actually have respect for women, for mothers, for homemakers. If you want to be a wife, homemaker and mother that's GREAT! But then choose a man who will respect you for YOUR role, as opposed to demonizing and devaluaing you for not having HIS role.

And THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is how you can save your race - regardless of which race you are - by first starting to rebuild the bonds between men and women that have been destroyed by the charlatans and barbarians who continue to attack their own women, and then blame everyone but themselves for the ruined relationships. And also for the women to take back womanhood and motherhood from the barbarians who have devalued and trivialized this role down to nothing.

You're welcome.

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2:31pm: Pro-life, but take money from the poor - including POOR CHILDREN!
Understand, it is my opinion that all people should have a right to live freesly in society. If they can't afford food, they should be given food. If they can't afford a home, they should be given shelter. If they can't afford medical care, they should be given medical care anyway. ALL people, male and female, regardless of their status, should have access to the basic necessities of life. They should not be denied such. Should a cripple person be denied food, shelter, medical care because he/she can't physically work and therefore can't contribute to the workforce? No, and to suggest otherwise is barbaric. In a covilized society we take care of the poor, the weak and those whe are unable to care for themselves, regardless of whether or not we get anything in return.

On the other hand, when we have rich, elite rulers who give THEMSELVES special power among others, and along with that the right to rule even though they actually contribute NOTHING to society, THIS is where the problem comes in. When rich elites with nothing to contribute to society begin making laws for the workers, and those laws harm or kill the workers, we have a big, BIG problem that must be address immediately. The elite at the top are considered the most valuable people in society (due to self-proclaimed titles) and because of that they rule over others, yet in reality they contribute NOTHING to socity. They actually have no value whatsoever, as society would function just fine, or even better without them. They simply sit back and enjoy the work done by the laborers who they treat like slaves.

republican Steve King - What a sickening, vile animal. And the fact that they can get away with this now....is good. Now that they have full power we will see just how horrific "life" becomes under their rule. Now we'll see the full horror of their rulership. The poverty. the suffering........ In a way though it is a good thing because this will be the very last time they ever rule......it will be the last time they are EVER given any amount of power over anyone. They have what they want now - FULL power to rule. And they didn't waste a minute when it comes to showing the world just how incompetent they are to rule over an ant hill, let alone human society.

And for those who voted away their own freedom, rights, healthcare......they deserve this. Let them rot. But that's not going to happen, is it? Dems are so fucking bleeding heart sappy that they'll continue to try and help people who literally VOTED their own "right to life" away, voted their own healthcare away, voted their lives away. THEY DID THIS TO THEMSELVES and we "care" too much to turn the tables and do to these stupid and sick republicans what they are doing to the rest of the world.

"You made a mistake, you got yourself into this mess, suffer and die from it, we will NOT help you this time." - typical republican

That is the republican motto - yet we rush to help them when they get into trouble and end of suffering from THEIR OWN ACTIONS AND THEIR OWN VOTE! I'm really starting to get sick of the bleeding heart democrats who demand that we all "help" these republicans when they get into a jam due o their own actions. Why lift a finger to help these stupid little demons now that they're suffering due to their own actions? They don't help anyone else! They live by the above motto. Their mentality this entire time has been, "If you did it, suffer with it, not my problem."

As for accusing people of not working. Look, the majority of poor people in this naiton work. They are laborers whose salaries are so small that they can barely get by. But the jobs they do are NECESSARY for civilization to survive, so there will always be poor people, since there must always be people to fill those jobs and these sick, greedy, useless republicans refuse to allow a living wage for the workers. Instead, the workers slave away, barely getting paid enough to survive, and the greedy, useless, rich, white, conservative elite males at the top do NOTHING but soak up all that money and reap the benefits of the labor of the workers, though they persnally do NOTHING to benefit society. They seem like they have important positions because they give themselves grand titles and have so much power. But stop and ask yourself; WHAT is their real function in society? Do they even benefit humanity?

(NOTE: I am not speaking of ALL white men, or even white men in general. I am speakng only of the ruling elite who cause so many people so much hardship. Obviously there are plenty of white men in this world who are decent, civilized human beings, plenty are poor as well, and MANY have made positive contributions to society.)

If you think we need these useless politicians, you're as dumb as they want you to be. Society does NOT need them. We need the laborers, the scientists, the doctors. At least doctors can get paid reasonably well. Scientists in this nation are hurting, though, as more and more funding is taken away from them, thus making it harder for them to contiue their work, which is meant to HELP humanity! And as for the way the common worker is treated by the elite - these sick, greedy demons in human flesh who rule this nation take full advantage of those laborers, working them nearly to death, on a salary they can barely afford (or no salary at all) and then turn around and condemn them for being poor - and THEN use that condemnation as an excuse to justify taking away even more, reducing whatever help they are getting from the government, as well as to reduce or even cut healthcare. What this all means is that many of these workers (whether men laboring under the sun or women laboring at home or in the delivery room) will die off before they get older, which means they will cost society less money in the long run - as they are then replaced with younger, healtheir workers. And the cycle continues. And THIS is how the rich, white elites at the top stay rich. Their fat bank account comes at the expense of the workers, male and feamle.

Folks, those guys outside sweating under the hot sun, grunting in disconfort as they look at their clock and see that's it's only 1pm.....another 4 hours of drilling a road so that we HAVE A SAFE ROAD TO DRIVE ON....THEY are needed. Or the mothers screaming and wailing in the delivery room so that human life can continue, and then cooking, cleaning and running themselves ragged tyring to take care of children.....THEY are needed. But the suit and tie who simply makes laws for others, as he then puts his feet up and suffers NOTHING because of those laws? HE is not needed. He literally has no real purpose in society. He is the slavemaster. The laws he makes serve his own purpose, that being to get as rich as possible while doing as little work as possible. That money absorbing sponge in a suit and tie who does nothing but assert his right to rule, yet provides no actual needed function in society....he is NOT necessary. He makes laws for the workers, the laborers, male and female, and they suffer greatly for it, but he personally suffers nothing. He simply enjoys the fruit of their labor and then replaces then when they die off.

It's time that the people who built this society (male and female) reaped the benefits of their own labor, as opposed to slaving away for pennies (or nothing at all) and watching the rich, powerful useless beasts at the top reap all the benefits. AMEN

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13th July 2017

4:51pm: The new "alpha male" then?

So a man physically attacked another man who wasn't bothering him or anyone else. The man who was attacked hit back....and that was the end of him - he paid with his life for having the balls to fight back. A group of men then rushed him, punching, kicking....eventually killing him.

So I guess this sick world's version of "alpha male" is someone who fully expects to attack others WITHOUT getting a response. And if he should get a response.....a GROUP of men pussififed manginas must attack the victim, a fucking GROUP against ONE. And why? Because the poor guy had the nerve to respond physically to a physical attack.

Are we done yet? If not now, when? How much more of this sick, twisted, vile garbage must we all endure before there is no society left for thse sick and stupid animals to fight over? We CAN NOT live among rabid, witless animals who act (attack) on instinct and with all the hypocrisy of......wait....chances are they're too fucking stupid to even see their own fucking hypocrisy.

What's worse is that if the allegations are true and they attacked this poor man because he was talking to a white woman and asked her for a selfie, well....kill a black man for ASKING a woman to take a picture with him. Yet these same barbarians would most likely watch and cheer if a white woman was ACTUALLY being attacked and in need of help, if the attacker was white. Hell, maybe they'd even join in.

No woman should ever breed with a man who must join in a large group in order to take down ONE LONE INDIVIDUAL WHO DID NOTHING WRONG AND IS CLEARLY NOT A THREAT! For FUCK sake! Why can't women who want to breed start choosing REAL MEN as mates, instead of this cowardly, pathetic garbage!

Ladies! There ARE some men in this world who actually take seriously and stand against real threats to your life, as opposed to these lowly cowards who only ever attack when there is literally no real threat! Choose wisely!

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12th July 2017

11:46am: History repeats itself. The barbarians crushed civilization, destroying education, knowledge and thwarting any progress that humanity could have made. Worse still, when they finally succeeded at crushing the last haven of modern (at that time) civilization, they threw the world into the dark ages, where medicine was outlawed, illness was blamed on wichcraft and demons instead of lifestyle choice and cleanliness, science was replaced with Christianity, shit and filth was once again allowed to pile up in cities, rats moved in, people began to die unnecessary deaths, which led to the murder of people (usually women) who were blamed for the illness and thus falsely accused of witchcraft.......what a nightmare. Can a people such as this be reasoned with? EVER? No.

Now they seek to do the same here in America. Hopefully the rest of the world will not allow this backwards, witless and depraved group of barbarians to destroy the rest of the world as well.

HINT: The only people who are immune to con artists, scammers, charlatans and liars are people who are educated enough to understand psychology/biology and how deceivers use both to control people. And THIS is why the beasts demonize education. They need peopel stupid, witless and thus complaint.

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11:36am: It's human nature to cower, cover your face, flinch and try to squirm away when you are being attacked. So again we have a barbarian putting someone in a situation were they're going to respond in a way that said barbarian will dislike - as he then uses that response to justify attcking further. The progression down into the sewer is almost finished. It began with mocking and degrading people with intent to offend, only to act outraged when said people SHOWED offense. from there is moved on to literally making laws that would rip people of their freedom, even kill them off, thereby making it impossible for them to remain silent, forcing them to take to the streets and stand up for their freedom and their lives - and then calling them domestic terrorists for doing so. Now to this...beating someone so badly that they try to cover their face, cower and squirm to avoid the beating, only to be told that the reason they're being beaten is because they won't just hold still, put their hands behind their back and allow the attacker full access. Really, the most UNNATURAL thing to ask of someone. It's fucking sick.

Folks, we're going to learn the hard way what our ancestors went through at the hands of the savages - ALL of us - whether black, Jewish, Arab, Mexican.....female.

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11th July 2017

7:50pm: The "freedom party" strikes again.
If the republicans succeed at crushing net neutrality, there will no longer be a free and open internt. Literally, they will be able to block any website they want, for ANY reason. Anyone who believes this will only allow "corporations" to decide what content we have access to is a damn fool. Corporations can be bullied by the government. In the end America will begin looking more like China, where the government controls information, deciding what they will allow citizens to have access to.

And the irony is that the Trump supporters will CONTINUE to screech "SUPPORT FREE SPEECH, SUPPORT TRUMP" and demonize as "haters of free speech" anyone who opposes him and his admin. It's mind numbing how twisted this all is. SICK in the head, they are! Literally, they voted away freedom IN THE NAME OF FREEDOM and now continue to support their choice despite ALL of the evidence showing that they are getting the OPPOSITE of what they claim to want - at least when it comes to freedom!

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12:41pm: It is no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention that people with the alt-right do not tolerate homosexuality - now or ever.

Sadly, those who don't go along with the alt-right viewpoint on homosexuality are accused of supporting the "fag agenda" that is supposedly going to destroy the white race. This is the new label now, a new "curse word," or in this case term, that can be handed out to anyone with an opposing view. So if you don't think gays should be run out of society, you're a part of the fag agenda. It's just like every other label that has been used as a weapon and a way to control other people - don't like what someone says, tag them with a negative label that will have them socially destroyed. The word zionist has also been used this way, and so thoroughly overused that almost anyone fits the label. You don't think Jews deserved Hitler? You must be a zionist. This literally makes everyone with any human decency a zionist even if they don't support Israel, which was the actual meaning of the word - that being - those who support the Jewish State. The word feminist has also been overused in this manner, to the point where any decent, sane human being would fall under the label! So now we must add "supporter of the gay agenda" to the list. Great.

BUT........ as bad as this is getting, at least they (the alt-right) are not as dickwhipped as the normal conservative Trump supporters. At least on some level the alt-right have been consistent in their stance on issues despite attempts by manipulators to "seduce" them into compliance, pretending to be on their side and then trying to alter the course of the movement to their own agenda. Now, don't get wrong, I can't stand the ideals of the alt-right - they are HORRIFIC and very hard to stomach. But at least "most" of the people with this movement are bright enough to know what manipulation is and thus rerfuse to allow themselves to be fooled. Everything is getting SO bad that there is almost some solace in that, be it a tiny little bee's dick at the most.

But the conservatives who still support Trump - my God how stupid - how easily manipulated they are by charlatans who vouch for Trump and will work the mindless masses into a frenzy of wild-eyed rage at anyone who denounces him.

How do you get a straight, anti-gay right-wing republican Christian to accept homosexuality, ignore references to child sex (with boys) as well as any other abominable behavior that the charlatan decides to slip in, while instead turning all of the hatred, rage and scapegoting onto another group, thereby taking the focus off gay men?

Understand psychology.That's how.

"My darlings, come to daddy."

Cockucked - the typical republican conservative Trump supporter. A Charlatan tells them everything they want to hear, or at least 95% of what he knows they will agree with, accuses others of trying to harm them, presents himself as the savior who actually cares about them - getting them riled up and shouting his name as if they're having a mass orgasm. Then, little by little, he slips in "other things," things that he knows they would never normally agree with but that he wants to eventually be worked into normal society. The idea is that he has them so "cockucked" already that now they will go along with whatever else he says - even if normally they would reject such things. They will simply let it go, and eventually they will get used to it and fully embrace whatever "it" is. And if he fails and at first they refuse to accept this new "thing" he tried to slip in, and they begin to grow angry, he will once again try and rally them together against a group that he knows they hate, he will shift all the focus to that, until they once again begin to side with him. Then he will, little by little, try again to slip in whatever it was that they would not initially accept. They are being fucked - slowly - painfully.  And if it still doesn't work, he will fall back on one of many excuses.

1. I was just joking.

2. I didn't mean it as it sounds, the people who hate me will do anything to take me down so they distorted what I said. (the very things he actually does to others)

3. I am "OF" this group so it's ok.

And finally the worst

4. I was abused, I am a victim, therefore it's ok for me to say these things and treat people in this manner (the very same victim playing he accuses others of)

Then he pouts and makes himself look all sweet and innocent - and for the most part the conservative cock suckers buy into it and once again open wide for him. He will try again next time. {:o)

At this point, they deserve to lose their money to him and his band of roaming charlatans. Good riddance.

So WTF is the gay agenda? I don't support the notion that gay men should be allowed to do whatever they want whenever they want, regardless of who they hurt, demanding freedom for themselves while ALSO demandng their RIGHT to deny freedom to others whose lifestyle they disagree with. THIS I do not support. THIS is sheer gall - which hereafer will be spelled GAUL. For obvious reasons.

I simply support the right of gays to live freely in society and have the same human rights as anyone else, to not be discriminated against, not run out of society and certainly not killed off, outwardly or quietly behind closed doors by use of the law - systematically. Nothing more, nothing less.

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9th July 2017

5:39pm: Since when does using slave labor in Chinese sweatshops equate to hiring American workers? What happened to their promise to bring jobs back to America?

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