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25th February 2017


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12:58pm: Right-wing terrorist shoots another man dead while shouting, "Get out of my country." Major news outlets remain silent.

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12:51pm: To conservative white Christians - listen:

You can't take healthcare away from millions of people, leaving may of them to die, as you continue to poison their water, land and air, and then expect them to just shut up and go home.

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12:46pm: The First Amendment gives American citizens the right to a peaceful protest. Arizona republicans are "altering" the definition of what that means.....a little double-speak here, some rewording over there, and a whole lot of ambiguous language to confuse the meanng of the law. What they are trying to do is stop all protests.

The conservative white christians have NEVER given a damn about freedom or the constitution, though they claim to be the freedom party, to defend the constitution. Filthy liars.

They have destroyed the constitution. America is gone. They killed it. No one is going to want to live through what is coming now. This stupid and uneducated generation will soon be forced to witness first hand things that they have only read about in history books. The savagery of these white conservative Christians has been a horrendous reminder to the human population that we are not a free people and will never be so long as we must share land with them. This is something that our ancestors knew well....and we will all be exposed, soon enough, to the worst of what these beasts have to offer. They have not changed from the burnding days....they've only suppressed the worst of their instinct. Now they've been let loose.

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12:12pm: So now the only media outlets that will be allwoed to participate in "meetings' will be media outlets that support Trump. Anyone who might oppose him or his agenda, or even QUESTION him or his agenda, will be kept out of the loop and ultimately silenced. This is how a dictatorship is run.

Remember projection - Trump has taken this to a whole new level. He and his vile supporters are the ones who make up and report on fake stories, with no evidence to back up their claims. They then turn around accuse real HONEST media outlets of doing the same. Liars.

So now, no real news outlets will be allowed to report, while the lying, conspiracy driven propaganda machines will be the only source of news that the American people are subjected to.

This is a strategy used by dictators and warmongers - they silence anyone who might present valid facts or a different point of view, while insuring that the population only has access to the fake news that supports the agenda of the dictator.

So again I ask - where are all those "freedom of speech" fighting conservative white males who bitch and rant and moan about SJWs trying to take away free speech? WHERE ARE THEY NOW WHEN WE HAVE A REAL THREAT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH COMING FROM THE GOVERNMENT ITSELF?????

Oh....RIGHT....they're shouting over everyone in support of that very government and its attempt to little by little take away freedom of speech from the America population.

So these white conservative males are at it again - attacking the FUCK out of an entire group of people for something that those people are not doing - in this case they attack SJWs for suposedly trying to take away freedom of speech. They do while SUPPORTING their own "conservative white male government" that is ACTUALLY doing everything it can to limit free speech - if not completely destroy it!!!!!

Though I do agree with trump on one thing here. The 1st amendment allows criticism - and it also allows criticism OF criticism! This is something that most conservative white males have not figured out yet. They attack and attack and attack other people and use "freedom of speech" to justify it, yet when they get a negative response, they scream bloody murder and play the victim - because their target used his/her OWN free speech to respond! What a bunch of whiny bitch cunts.

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24th February 2017

3:32pm: A Muslim woman, Linda Sarsour, holds a fundraiser and ends up raising over $100,000 for a Jewish cemetery that was vandalized - in return she is met with threats of violence from cowardly, white right-wing males who only ever seem to go after the easiest possible target.

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1:39pm: What a pain in the arse!
Sadly, Milo will become even more popular now as he plays the victim in order to try and shift focus from his twisted nature and cruel, spiteful treatment of entire groups of people who have caused him no harm, to the notion that he is a victim and should be felt sorry for.

He jokes around about being raped (about how he would not be as good at giving blow jobs today if it hadn't been for that priest) which WOULD BE RAPE if it happened, yet when the bricks come falling down on him and people begin to call him on his sick mentality, he claims he would never condone rape since he himself was raped. Mixed mesages here.

I don't know whether or not he was really raped by a priest, as he tends to use that in order to play the "victim card" when he gets into too much hot water, but in the event that he really was raped, the fact that he shows so little concern for others who have been through such (especially if they have a vagina) is even more sickening than if he was never raped. There are people, many of them children, who actually HAVE gone through that - boys and girls. And this vile little roach is making light of it all in such sick and vile ways.

As far as humor is concerned, he words himself so that no one really knows whether he is joking or serious. He does this on purpose little by little he slips in more of his perverse agenda, trying to normalize it - and if he should get too much negative feedback he simply falls back on the just joking card. This way, he can try and bring his sick little desires into the norm without really risking anything - since as soon as it looks like people are getting too angry, he was just joking.

Well, this time it didn't work. And it's everyone's fault but his - the lying medica, the radical feminists, the beared Muslims.....lol everyone's fault but little ol' Milo's.

So he claims that the people standing against him now are simply out to attack him and don't really care about the kids they claim to be defending. This is one of the worst projections I have EVER heard. Milo is someone who truly doesn't seem to give a damn about anyone but himself.

The reason he has gotten so much negative press all along is because he has defended Trump the entire time, while demonizing and even dehumanizing anyone who opposed Trump. He did this knowing full well what the republican party has done and will continue to do to the American population - taking health care from millions (including children), poisoning the water and refusing to clean it up, not only refusing to allow a living wage, but threatening to GET RID OF the already puny minimum wage we have now.  All of this, while he then goes back to his home in the UK, where he has healthcare, clean (non-poisoned) water and......no job....because he earns his money by attacking other people with such hideous remarks that it would hurt no less if he had physically attacked them. And that is what he intends - to hurt people. And then, like the typical little lying, hypocritical bitch that he is, he feigns outrage when they begin to break down, when they flinch, when they dare speak about the cruelty. This is his moment, because he can then play the victim OF THEM and claim that they are trying to take his free speech. Then he posts it all on line and beings in donations - lots and lots of donations. This is his game. He wins, everyone else loses - even those kids he "supposedly" cares about.

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23rd February 2017

8:43am: These Water Protecters at Standing Rock are very brave people. I'm so sorry that this kind of destruction of their land is still happening in 2017. I'm sorry that our conservative white, christian government is still destroying native land, poisoning land, air and water and then arresting the decent, civilized human beings who are standing up against this. What a mess.

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8:34am: I know I said it before but I really can't say it enough  -  this is so heartwarming. Muslims and Jews supporting each other as white Christians attack both groups. So glad to see the siblings standing together again. Remeber, different mothers but same father = siblings, NOT cousins.

Thank you to the Muslims supporting the Jewish people in this latest attack. Thank you to the Jews who have been supporting Muslims through the GOP's attack on them. Keep up the good work.

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22nd February 2017

10:41pm: Christians depriving the poor - AGAIN!
Christian rulers - depriving the poor for 2000 years. These people could not be FARTHER from the teachings of Yeshu/Isa and the Hebrew Jews he came from. No, these Christians say and do the complete OPPOSITE! Just when I think they can't get any sicker, any more perverse, that their cruelty has finally leveled out and can't possibly be taken to the next level.....

My God. Sometimes I think they are actually TRYING to show the world how truly evil they are, almost to test the population to see how much we will put up with. Maybe it's all a government experiment to determine the extent of evil that the people will allow. I have to entertain this notion, that there is some reason behind this, or I will go completely insane. I mean, HOW could these monsters be so fucking cruel? How can ANYONE be this fucking greedy!!!!!???? Taking food from poor school children????? Truth is, I think they are just pushing as far as they can because they want a negative response so that, when it comes, they can play the victim as they alway do. They are looking for a fight. And as long as they have any power, no one will be able to rest. Not if we want this nation to maintain even a SHRED of morality, decency!

Now they want to take away free (or reduced fare) school lunches for Children. Just.......HOW?!

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5:06pm: This made my day. I always feel a little better about humanity when I see Muslims and Jews helping each other, defending the weak and oppressed among both groups and refusing to allow others to turn them against each other. Good job.

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1:48pm: Amen

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21st February 2017

10:09am: I would say that consenting adults should be allowed to do whatever they want sexually as long as they don't harm others (which I absolutely agree with), but it would be a pointless statement to make. Those who want to be able to act on every desire they have, regardless of the harm they cause others, will simply "alter" definitins of words in order to justify what they want. So in the above statement, "consent" would be changed to simply smiling at a man, and "adult" would be changed to 13 year old. Now we have a situation where one of these sick fuckers has decided that it's perfectly fine for him to fuck that 13 year old girl/boy (whether she/he wants to or not) because simply by smiling at the adult male, she/he gave consent.

I would say, "Do as you will but cause no harm," but again this is a pointless statement. People simply deny the harm, or possible harm, that can come from their actions. Or worse, they find a way to turn it into something positive, as we will see in the video below.

That being said:

They loved Milo when he spoke out against Muslims, transgender people, women's rights and so on, but now that he has almost condoned pedophilia (which he denies) some people on the far right have a problem with him. Sadly, not enough. :) Most of his former followers will continue to support "their boy" due to his constant attack on everything that these sick little wretches have deemed "the enemy." So even though most of these Trump supporters were against homosexuality in general, they are now accepting not only homosexuality (which I have no problem with) but also the idea that it is OK for 13 year old boys to be fucked by adult males, using the reasoning that technically they are not children. THIS, I have a huge problem with.

Now we will see who the weak bitches are. I guarantee it, people who stand up aginst this will be demonized, their character will be attacked and they will be called freedom hating nazis. Every stereotype will be used against them, every turd will be thrown at them. The weak bitches will give in, go along with it.....begin to defend it. Why? Because they're cowards - the males and females alike. Now we get to see these "anti-feminists" in action - because as soon as they are attacked for "trying to take away the freedom of men to love each other 'man/boy' and CLEARLY are just jealous feminazis who hate men and don't want to see them happy," these stupid bitches will cave, they will give in to the pressure and begin their public support for grown men to fuck 13 year old boys. Thus showing how little they actually care about manhood or maleness, when they are willing to hand over the ass of boys to adult males. All they care about is getting and keeping their fucking approval. Selfish Bitches.

A situation like this played out years ago when it was discovered that priests had been molesting boys. Some of the nuns supported the priests, and of course they got their god damn approval, were considered the 'good women" and the defenders of righteousness. And then there were the nuns who stood up against the priests, defending the boys and doing everything possible to insure that such a thing would never happened again. They, of course, were deemed evil, church hating bitches who clearly want to see the church destroyed. Now, they can also be deemed man-hating feminists. Just goes to show the difficult plight of people who stand up against what the dominant males want.

So we can see how Milo gets out of admitting that he condones pedophilia. He simply plays with definitions, denying that a 13 y/o boy is really a child and therefore it does not constitute pedophilia. Sadly, this is the same logic used by radical Islamic extremist, though their target group is 9 year old girls. They simply make the statement "a girl is a woman at 9" and therefore it is not pedophilia. Just because a statement is made does NOT mean that itis true!

One of the problems (there are MANY) with adults being allowed to fuck children (who are obviously underdeveloped) is that even if, for example, a 13 year old boy or girl might be starting to develope, that doesn't mean this kid should be turned into a sexual object for the pleasure of adults, which is bound to happen eventually. Adults have power, children do not. Oh, I'm sorry, let me re-word - 13 year olds do not. This difference in power can be used to take advantage of the kids in question - sexually. And I have spoken in the past of the terrible consequences that go along with forcing (or manipulating) children to fuck - including little girls dying in childbirth because they're too underdeveloped to to safely have a child (which for the pro-lifers should be considered murder), or a teenage boy who has his rectum split open by an adult male, which should be considered assault. And let's not forget the risk of diseases being spread to these children by irresponsible adults who just don't give a damn about human lives, only seeking after their own immediate pleasure, not considering that these kids are too young to truly understand the consequences.

As this world begins its descent down the sewer that the political conservatives have created, more and more deplorable acts will be considred par for the course, while people who satnd up aganst such will be demonized in every way imaginable.

Said Milo,

“Pedophilia is not a sexual attraction to somebody 13 years old who is sexually mature. Pedophilia is attraction to children who have not reached puberty.”

And he adds that t
he notion of consent, is “arbitrary and oppressive.”

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19th February 2017

5:38pm: Because Fox News...

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2:27pm: What happened in Sweden last night?
Best Comment ever, by Ramesh Kumar Biswas

"Last night in Sweden....... several millions of people enjoyed a meal of possibly foreign food (that was not 100% chemical), met foreign friends from different countries who live in Stockholm for different reasons (without asking if they were circumcised), discussed real facts, took safe public transport, went for a swim and sauna at a public swimming pool for a very reasonable price, borrowed books free from a public library, got a wound treated free without bankrupting themselves, went back to their affordable, energy-efficient homes with their children from excellent free schools, saw a report on TV about their government's day's work which didn't resemble a badly rehearsed circus, read about their politicians who were not under investigation for labour, tax, environment or espionage violations, then went to see a film in a foreign language which wasn't dubbed, or listened to a concert by a foreign composer played by Swedish musicians, breathed clean air and drunk clean tap water, and weren't shot, tasered or arrested on the way home. What horror! Chaos! Bigly! Will never happen in our Great America!"

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18th February 2017

4:20pm: "Slow and painful death is what we get from the Republican party and they just seem perfectly fine with that." - Farron Cousins, Ring of Fire

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8:31am: "Muslim women have become the #1 target for religious hate crime in today's Britain..."

So why is it that Muslim women are the #1 target for religious hate crimes despite the fact that they are no more likely to commit an act of terror than a non-Muslim woman? In fact, white males (non-Muslim) are more likely to convert to Islam and use that conversion as an excuse to commit acts of terror. Just as they have always done with christianity, many now attempt to do with Islam. And when we look at the terrorist acts that actually are committed by radical islamic extremists, 99.9% are male.

So again I ask, why it is that Muslim women are the number one target for religious hate crime? There are two main reasons.

1. Because we live in a beta bitch society. Most of the males attacking these women are beta bitch cunts who are too afraid to speak up aganst someone who can actually fight back, or someone that they know could be a real threat, so they attack the easiest targets....the women. And of course, other women will usually not go up to a tall, strong, bearded man and confront him in a negative way. Instead they will focus their attacks on other women - who are physically and socially at their level. Meaning - easy targets for cowardly bitches - male and female alike.

2. Muslim women represent a form of treachery to the white christian males that they are not appeasing. They are loyal to a group of men that is neither christian nor white. I say white, because it usually isn't white Muslim converts being attacked by white Christians, but instead arab Muslims. So these women are seen as traitorous bitches - women who support a "different" group of men - a group of men that is rumored to be against white Christians.

"You hypocritical CUNT! Why don't you ever mention the rapes and murders of white Christian girls in certain Islamic areas of Britain?"

If that is happening, I AM AS AGAINST IT AS YOU ARE! But the point of this rant is that Muslim WOMEN are the number 1 target for hate crimes. If you really cared about these supposed "rapes and murders" of Christian women and girls, why don't you go after the actual criminals? Here's a hint - the people you need to go after aren't women.

Though I do know a few people who would do everything in their power to have you attacking the wrong target while ignoring the real threat coming from radical terrorists. By doing this, the terrorist achieves what he wants, as you allow your own people to be destroyed by ignoring the real threat as you focus all of your time and energy attacking a non-threat. If you fall for it, the destruction is your own fault.

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17th February 2017

7:53pm: This might actually be a good idea - for the Canadians.
Republicans to build a northern wall? This is so sad, it's just so pathetic that it's almost amusing. I'm laughing. It's more of a mad laughter, the kind of hysterical laughing that borders crying - this made my night.

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