i_riddler (xriddlemethisx) wrote,

History repeats itself over and over again because the masses never learn. The takeover of a nation by fascists can be explained in vivid detail, every aspect of how it takes place, from the first bigoted mumblings, to the final solution - aka - the holocaust - and yet the masses will never see it happening right under their nose.

"We live in a safe progressive nation," they say. "Nothing so horrible can happen here. People are just joking around. Don't be so sensitive!"

Barbarians never learn. The masses - the uneducated, unintelligent, unwise herds of savages who can be turned into mindless weapons by anyone who knows how to manipulate their primitive psyche. They have an instinctive desire for dominance, which drives them to seek out conquests. Therefore there must be a reason to justify said conquest. He gives them a reason.

They have a primal urge to engage in conflict, which drives them to seek out an enemy to fight. Therefore there must be a reason to call these people an enemy. He gives them a reason.

The manipulator gives them a reason to justify all of their primitive, perverse and depraved desires, hatreds. He then moves on to throwing out attacks at their chosen target group, as well as blaming all of the problems of these barbarians on others, thus allowing them to avoid all responsibility for the consequences of their own actions. In essense, he tells them exactly what they want to hear, works them up into an emotional tirade and then sits back and watches his victory unfold.

And no matter how many times throughout the course of human history that this happens, there are never enough wise, intelligent and caring people to overpower the masses of witless barbarians who are ALWAYS receptive to this kind of population control.

Over and over again, war and peace. The animals in human flesh attack another group, war rages on, blood and burning ash, and when it's over, the people say, "Let us never fight again." And so for a time there is peace. But eventually the people forget, the younger generations have no memory of the suffering that goes along with battle.....they are ignorant in their youth and too stupid (or hormonal) to be able to reason like sane human beings. And so it begins again.

But this time we are only a few generations removed from one of the most destructive and monstrous wars this world has ever witnessed. Our grandparents (or great-grandparents) saw it happen. It was not so long ago that people should be so able to forget. The wars are coming faster and quicker, the peace between them growing shorter. And now they have nukes.

If this generation does not, or cannot, gain a massive amoung of wisdom in a very short amount of time, there is no hope left for this world. We can't wait another generation for the warring youth (or young testosterone laden adults) of today to get a clue. Not when every major nation has weapons that can wipe out entire cities with one hit.

If something the likes of the holocaust were to happen again, it would indeed be the last war to ever take place.

The End.

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