i_riddler (xriddlemethisx) wrote,

Pregnant teen tased for resisting arrest. And what was she being arrested for? Resisting arrest.

So the cops now have a right to arrest people on a mere suspicion that they have committed a crime, and apparently they don't even need to tell the person why he/she is being arrested. A cop comes up to you and puts you in handcuffs.....be a good little lemming and do as you're told. After all, as the white republicans love to point out....

"If you weren't resisting arrest, they would not have tried to arrest you."

This is the end of freedom - for the entire nation. And it is being destroyed by the very people who claim to stand for freedom, and play the victim any time someone even suggests that maybe they shouldn't have said or done a certain thing.

Of course, those in power are using the stupidity of the primal masses YET AGAIN in order to, little by little, take away even more freedom from american citizens. This is being done to blacks and women at the moment because those in power know that the majority of white, christian males will not only refrain from speaking out against it, but they might even applaud such treatment of people they already want to see knocked down. They'll even blame the person being arrested for behaving badly. You know, when in reality "behaving badly" means even so much as ASKING the question, "Why am I being arrested."

And soon enough it will be accepted as a normal part of American culture - for everyone - not just those that the white supremacists want to take down.

"Do not do unto others what you would not want others to do unto you."

Soon enough these white, christian, republican males will find themselves at the receiving end of their own treatment. When a cop comes to drag them off to prison, and won't even explain to them what they have done wrong, this will all come full circle. And even STILL they will refuse to repent, they will refuse to admit that THEY are the ones who allowed this kind of behavior from their law enforcement, they are the ones who applauded this very treatment when it was only being done others, they are the ones who said, "Just do as the cops tell you and there won't be a problem, simple as that." Yes, they are the ones who allowed this all, yet when they find themselves at the receiving end of it, they will play the victim, scream persecution and blame everyone but themselves.

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